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Open Gym (all ages):
If you are an experienced or retired boxer, or just want to do your own thing, Open Gym is a flexible option to complete your boxing workout. Heavy bag, speed bag, strength and conditioning: Follow a suggested workout or create your own. Feel free to bring your kids! 8 years + can work out with you during Open Gym! Maximize your family time. For 7 years and under, there is room for them to participate with you at no charge, or room for them to sit and color, read or play video games.
**Children 12 years and under must have a signed waiver and parent/guardian present
  • ALL DROP IN – $15.00 per
  • Monthly Open Gym – $35.00 btn_buynow_SM
  • 5 Punch Card (good for any class) – $68 btn_buynow_SM
  • 10 Punch Card (good for any class) – $132 btn_buynow_SM



Group Fitness Classes (13 yrs-60+): 1 Hour (17 rounds)
Increase your overall fitness via a fun, high intensity non-contact workout designed to teach you all your basic boxing skills. Express yourself while obtaining all your fitness goals. This class will increase your fitness, reduce stress, give you valuable skills for life and prepare you for Group Lesson.
**All minors must have a signed waiver prior to taking first class
Group Fitness+ Classes (55+ only)
This non-contact boxing fitness class is dedicated to folks 55 years and up. Our oldest member boasts a tenure of 84 years on earth! Learn the sweet science, listen to great music and sweat beside your peers! This class has been characterized as “punching your way to bliss.” No prior boxing experience is necessary. There is No Limit to what you can accomplish!
  • Monthly Unlimited Group Fitness(+) – $112.00 btn_buynow_SM
  • Monthly Unlimited Group Fitness(+) & Open Gym – $142.00 btn_buynow_SM
  • Monthly Unlimited Group Fitness(+) & Sparring – $150.00 btn_buynow_SM



Group Sparring Lessons (13 yrs-60+): 60 min (15 min warm-up/12 rounds)
Want to increase your boxing skills and put your non-contact training in perspective? Experience a safe and productive group learning environment. Learn the Sweet Science: the art of delivering, slipping, blocking and countering punches. This is a contact class. You will wear head gear (provided) and need to bring a mouth guard or purchase one here. Group Fitness, Individual Sessions or previous boxing experience required before attending Lessons.
**All minors must have a signed waiver prior to taking first lesson
  • Monthly Unlimited Group Sparring Lessons – $95.00 btn_buynow_SM
  • Monthly Unlimited Group Sparring Lessons + Open Gym – $130.00 btn_buynow_SM
  • Monthly Unlimited Group Fitness(+) & Sparring – $150.00 btn_buynow_SM



Youth Boxing (8-12 yrs): 60 min (17 rounds)
Boxing training is a great way for our youth to prepare and engage in the difficulties of growing up. They will gain valuable skills to deal with issues like bullying and peer pressure. Boxing will teach them discipline, self-expression and problem solving. Youth Boxing at Arcaro starts out no contact and all equipment is provided. Parents! Take advantage of this time slot and get your own Open Gym workout while your child gets a structured training session.
**Waiver Form must be completed by parent or guardian before first class.
  • Monthly Unlimited Youth Boxing – $60.00 btn_buynow_SM

COMPETITIVE BOXING – Talk to a coach!

GIFT CERTIFICATES – Good for any class or combination package. paypal_btn_giftcc_lg

Rates for options below contact Coach Tricia (
*Private Individual and Group Sessionshanging_gloves
*Private Sparring Partner Sessions
*Video Coaching/On the road
*Cross Training for teams
*Corporate Retreats
*Public Speaking

BOXING GEAR:   Sales tax not included
Arcaro Boxing T-Shirt: $20.00
Handwraps: $15.00
Mouth guard: $5.00
Jumprope: $15.00
Headgear and Gloves: Varies by brand

And now available! ADII brand gloves


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