Training Options

Boxing Heavy BagOpen Gym (all ages)
Boxing Group FitnessGroup Fitness Classes (15 yrs-60+)
Boxing SparringGroup Sparring Lessons (15 yrs-60+)
Boxing Individual InstructionIndividual Instruction Lessons (all ages)
Boxing Group FitnessYouth Boxing (8-14 yrs)
Boxing Gear IconOther Options

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Open Gym (all ages):


Open Gym and Drop In:

  • ALL DROP IN – $20 per
  • Monthly Open Gym – $39
  • 5 Punch Card (good for any class) – $80
  • 10 Punch Card (good for any class) – $150
Open Gym is an affordable and flexible option to get the most out of your boxing training.  Heavy bag, speed bag, double-end bag, jump rope, light weights, and jump rope.  Follow a posted workout or create your own.  Make it a family affair and instill fitness habits early.  8 years + can work out with you during Open Gym!  Under 8 can hang out, color, play video games or participate with you for free.
**Children 12 years and under must have a signed waiver and parent/guardian present

Group Fitness Classes (15 yrs-60+):
60 min (17 rounds) 


Group Fitness Classes

  • Monthly Unlimited Group Fitness – $129
  • Monthly Unlimited Group Fitness & Open Gym – $145
  • Monthly Unlimited Group Fitness & Sparring – $160


Boxing skills and drills plus all the calisthenics boxers do to get into fighting shape without the contact! Express yourself while obtaining all your fitness goals. Your participation will increase your boxing skills and overall fitness, as well as, reduce stress, strengthen life skills  and prepare you for Group Sparring.
**All minors must have a signed waiver prior to taking first class

Group Sparring Lessons (15 yrs-60+):
60 min (15 min warm-up/12 rounds)


Group Sparring Lessons

  • Monthly Unlimited Group Sparring – $105
  • Monthly Unlimited Group Sparring & Open Gym – $130
  • Monthly Unlimited Group Sparring & Fitness(+) – $160

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Sparring is the best way to learn applied self defense.  Participate with other gym members learning the art of slipping, parrying, counterpunching and more!  In this contact class you will wear head gear and a mouth guard to take your boxing skills to the next level.  Find out how you react under duress and learn to stay calm in conflict!
**All minors must have a signed waiver prior to taking first lesson

Youth Boxing (8-14 yrs):
45 min (12 rounds)


Youth Boxing (8-14 yrs):

  • Monthly Unlimited Youth Boxing – $70


Arcaro Youth Boxing for Central District youth. 
Boxing training increases physical and emotional awareness.  We help your child increase coordination, gain confidence and learn the proper fundamental boxing skills from the ground up.  All Arcaro Youth start out Non-Contact.  Parents are encouraged to train at the same time using our Open Gym!
**Waiver Form must be completed by parent or guardian before first class.

Individual Instruction (all ages): 

A 1:1 session with a coach. Invest in learning.

Receive a Comprehensive Assessment, set Goals, establish Baseline Skill Measurement, Strengths, Developments needed. Achieve Quantifiable Outcome for your Work!

Also Available:
*Private Group Sessions
*Private Sparring Partner Sessions
*Video Coaching/On the road
*Cross Training for teams
*Corporate Retreats
*Motivational Speaking
*Professional and amateur competition