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This Kind of Life

We trained hard for several months to have 4 fights for 3 fighters.  All 3 trained diligently with focus and efficiency.  They didn’t cut any corners, and they all supported the other with a fierceness you expect when preparing for … Continue reading

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Regional Golden Gloves

#132 boxer, Greg is already in Las Vegas for the Regional Golden Gloves. He’s ready. The preparation for Golden Gloves is intense.  It takes everything you have and a little more.  It takes family and friends being supportive of you … Continue reading

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Boxing gyms are places for folks to come together and express themselves.  We are the physical barbershops where people can punch out their differences and similarities.  Our walls house non conformity and room to grow as individuals. We are a … Continue reading

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It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This is one of my favorite quotes.  To make change happen, one must … Continue reading

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Collective Thought!!!!!

It’s been a little rough around the Arcaro Boxing community lately. Last month, Coach Jeremy lost his mother unexpectedly. Competitive Boxer Sophia lost her nephew to senseless gun violence and Competitive Boxer Jen has been diagnosed with a frontal lobe … Continue reading

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Individual and Team

Boxing is such an interesting mix of individuality and team.  A beautiful chemistry. Each boxer must be responsible for their own training, effort and mental focus in order to perform well in the ring.  They alone are responsible for their … Continue reading

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Day of preparation

Today is a more relaxing day than the previous ones with weigh ins and competitions.  The top two boxers go in for head shot photos this morning and gather information about the routine on finals day.   Of course, staying … Continue reading

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Community Feel

Boxing has always been about the community.  A boxer helps bring to the surface a community’s hopes, dreams, passions, efforts, trials, failures and successes.  While all sport is  good metaphor, nothing really compares to boxing.  Everywhere I go, I engage with … Continue reading

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Small Business Highlight- Girlie Press

Arcaro Boxing is thrilled to be part of the Hamann Road to Gold Team—R2G— (because everyone needs cool acronyms) Being part of a Team is a valuable experience.  You have other people to rely on and you can be there … Continue reading

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The Climb to USA Boxing Nationals

Last night was an emotional whirlwind.  We experienced a large amount of support and people giving because they want to give Jen and I a shot at this dream.  People giving hard earned money, emptying piggy banks, giving when they … Continue reading

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