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The space

With power comes great responsibility.  As a coach, people look to me for leadership, for advice and direction.  It feels overwhelming at times……and I often doubt my efficacy, capability and intentions. I work with an awareness coach once a week … Continue reading

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Organic Boxing

We all have ideas and goals of how we want our lives to be.  Boxers want their arm raised at the end of the match.  We all have a clear picture of the end result, but we don’t have a … Continue reading

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Pleateaus and rest

I did some research to see what was out there about athletic/performance plateaus. Everything I found suggested how to bust through, to avoid, and or break through. I couldn’t find anywhere to suggest we should honor, appreciate and take advantage … Continue reading

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I haven’t posted in a bit.  We have had a busy amateur competition schedule the past few weeks, Thanksgiving and a million other things. There’s a lot going on in the world.  Tons of conflict, hurt, unrest, miscommunication, lack of … Continue reading

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Pacific Northwest Boxing

The PNW has THREE boxers left!  Nick Jefferson of Tacoma Boxing Club moves to the semi-finals today.  He is in the Elite Male category and is competing without headgear for the first time with the new International rule changes.  He … Continue reading

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Day to Day

Sometimes coaching everyday, you forget about the overall impact that you have on others and the impact they have on you.  Last night I was floored at the support for me as I head into a new phase in my … Continue reading

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Community Support, Fundraising and EPICNESS~

I believe in EPIC.  Maybe it’s because I’m Coach Tricia.  Maybe because I’m Italian, or maybe it’s because I’m an Aries.  OK, probably because all 3 things converged into a vortex in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1971. My belief in EPIC leads … Continue reading

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