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March and April Artist

There’s a new artist on our walls!  You can check out Nalisha Rangel.  I’ll be putting pictures up on the Arcaro Boxing facebook page of her work hanging in the gym!

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When punches don’t land

Today for the first time I experienced the ability to keep punching when nothing was landing.  Often times a great tactic in the ring is to have such superior defense that nothing lands clean and ultimately disheartens your opponent.  You … Continue reading

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Coaching and range

When I first started coaching and teaching fitness, I learned that there needed to be a distinct boundary between me as coach and “them” as client/boxer.  My interpretation of this idea left a lot of my true personality out of … Continue reading

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Communication is a complex thing. I’m known to be pretty direct. Mostly I say what is on my mind. Sometimes, I keep stuff in then explode when I’ve hit a limit. These types of communications aren’t so pretty, but they … Continue reading

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Thoughts in the gym as the world walks by

It’s the second beautiful sunny winter day in a row in Seattle.  My gym is in the perfect location for people watching and observing body language.  Boxers know subtleties in body language and speech.  It is a crucial skill to … Continue reading

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Allowing oneself to be

I recently posted about boxers running into hard things and not wanting to face their Achilles heel.  It’s rare that an athlete loses because their body cannot do the task.  It is more common that an athlete’s head gets in … Continue reading

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Small Business Highlight- Good Hair Salon

Danyale Thomas Ross is a Garfield graduate and incredible business owner.  She is a huge presence in the community and I value the relationship I have kept with her as we both move forward in business.  After Danyale recently attended … Continue reading

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Italian Heritage Month

One of my most favorite things about boxing is its deep pride in representing heritage.   I wasn’t raised with the Italian side of my family.  I always had this nagging feeling in me that I belonged to something and … Continue reading

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Grand Opening Party

A huge thank you to the community for celebrating the opening of Arcaro Boxing! The Neighbor Lady provided delicious food and put tons of smiles on faces. Kagaka Lua blessed the space and you all made it my official home! … Continue reading

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Community Mindset

I have put down a template for a schedule and a general feeling I am going for in the gym.  None of that matters without your feedback.  I want this space to be for you, for the community.  I want … Continue reading

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