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Exciting things

We wanna keep you in the loop! Exciting things happening around the gym! Right now!  If you would like to add running to your boxing workout regime, we have the answer!Road work Programming.  Add $20.00 to any membership and a … Continue reading

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Youth Boxing

One thing I am extremely grateful for from my youth was being introduced to sports and music as a way to express myself.  The combination of the two got me through so many different aspects of growing up. There are … Continue reading

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Boxing, Nelson Mandela, Community and Sharing

Boxing is a very tough sport, but not only for the physicality of it…..not only because of the actual punches.  Boxing is a tough sport because it exposes you to yourself.  Boxing is tough because you meet all your internal … Continue reading

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Footwork and Marco Antonio Barerra

I am fascinated with footwork.  To me, footwork is everything, the foundation of a boxer’s skill…. Some of the flashiest and best I think are:  Sugar Ray Leonard, Willie Pep, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Pernell Whittaker, Floyd Mayweather…..and many more of old … Continue reading

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