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I’ve often thought, “What Is The Point?”  I look at myself, look around at others and again wonder, what is the point? This world is a reflection we have made up as we’ve gone along.  All groups slowly getting further … Continue reading

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Space and Silence

To find yourself in the infinite, You must distinguish and then unite-  Goethe For the past year or more I have been working on seeing “space” versus objects.  I started with things like trees, fences, bicycle wheels and other inanimate … Continue reading

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What this is all for…

We are a unique kind, a rare occurance in the sporting world.  We agree to give and take punches inside ropes reducing our ability to run and hide.  We train day after day, endure hours of discomfort for a performance … Continue reading

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Actions and desire

Your actions prove what you want.  Your situations and experiences are proof of the decisions you are making and of your deeper motivations.  What a perfect check and balance. Look at your outcomes and ask if you are getting what … Continue reading

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This time of year all boxing clubs across the U.S. are getting ready for our National Amateur Championships.  Spokane, WA was the loacation last year and they won the bid to host the Championships all the way through 2016. Last … Continue reading

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There are things in life that seem to haunt us.  Things from our past that never leave our bodies, our sub-conscious.  Boxers know this better than anyone.  When you step in the ring, adrenaline rises as does everything from your … Continue reading

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