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In 1928, women were struggling for the right to run track and field in the Olympics.  It was common belief that women would ruin their reproductive capabilities and that they were emotionally incapable of handling this type of competition. Fast … Continue reading

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A Big Tournament

Every year one of the biggest tournaments in amateur boxing happens in Independence Missouri.  Boxers from all over the world participate hoping to win the belt in their weight class. Arcaro Boxing will be taking boxers for the first time! … Continue reading

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Day of Remembrance

Please come support Boxer Sophia and her family! Day of Remembrance: Dwone Anderson-Young and Ahmed Said Please join us at the corner of 29th & King on Sunday, May 31st @ 5 pm to remember Dwone Anderson-Young and Ahmed Said, … Continue reading

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Tacoma Golden Gloves 2015

The Golden Gloves is a historical boxing tournament held throughout the U.S.  The first ever Golden Gloves tournament was sponsored by the Chicago Tribune in 1923.  Past winners include Joe Louis, Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Hearns and DeLaHoya. The Golden … Continue reading

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It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This is one of my favorite quotes.  To make change happen, one must … Continue reading

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Collective Thought!!!!!

It’s been a little rough around the Arcaro Boxing community lately. Last month, Coach Jeremy lost his mother unexpectedly. Competitive Boxer Sophia lost her nephew to senseless gun violence and Competitive Boxer Jen has been diagnosed with a frontal lobe … Continue reading

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Finals Day

Finally!  The last day to make weight. Jen has worked diligently  for 4 months to get here. She will go to weigh ins, fill out paperwork making her position on the USA Team Official.  Then participate in an informational meeting … Continue reading

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Moving into the semi-finals

Boxer Jen Hamann wins by unanimous decision over Jasmedh Rosales.  Jen established her authority in the first round and was very effective with her ring generalship and clean punches.  She now moves into the semi-finals on Thursday night (tomorrow) vs. … Continue reading

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Leaving for Nationals tomorrow

Boxer Jen Hamann and Coach Tricia leave for Spokane tomorrow.  You can make the trip with us by following our blogs (arcaroboxing.com and http://www.hamannroadtogold.org), and our facebook pages (Jen Hamann- Boxer & Arcaro Boxing) If you use twitter, you can … Continue reading

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