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truth and hiding

The relationship between coach and boxer takes a lot of work.  Communication must be practiced over and over again. I’ve been thinking about this a lot reflecting over the past 30+ amateur fights I’ve had with Greg as we head … Continue reading

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Conflict as a learning tool

I’ve done talks, co-written articles and published blogs about conflict.  When I experience conflict, it never feels good or goes as smooth as I write about it on paper.  But, conflict remains a tremendous learning tool. Conflict can always be … Continue reading

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Post Ringside

Christy Garcia is the #112 novice champion for 2015.  I feel proud, honered and satisfied to have been part of a complete process. She started as a fitness boxer years ago and set a goal to make the competitive team. … Continue reading

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What it’s all about

Being a good coach is so much more than having a good skill set to share.  It is 95% about building effective relationships. I started coaching as a closed off, hidden and not very approachable person.  In hindsight, it’s obvious … Continue reading

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I’ve heard it said many times that one must crawl before they can walk.  Or, that you have to be 13 before you can be 25. To get to this point I had to experience 2013 and 2014.  To say … Continue reading

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Day of the fight

It’s a very different experience preparing for fights as a coach versus being a boxer. As a boxer, I obsessed about my amateur fight at least a week in advance, and when I was in the pros, I obsessed about … Continue reading

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Authentic Communication

Boxing is authentic communication.  The act of sparring represents the desire of two people to authentically communicate at the highest level possible:  a silent and physical realm of interaction like none other. I find this experience so relieving.  It’s ok … Continue reading

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Communication is a complex thing. I’m known to be pretty direct. Mostly I say what is on my mind. Sometimes, I keep stuff in then explode when I’ve hit a limit. These types of communications aren’t so pretty, but they … Continue reading

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This might be a night of a few blogs

A boxing team is a family.  We all have our roles.  Things get ugly, but ultimately we really care about one another.  Boxing is a hugely passionate sport that brings up a lot of emotion.  Coaches aren’t exempt from this…..we … Continue reading

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