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Disappointment in a flash

I’m not sure why our culture still deems it desirable to avoid disappointment, failure, sadness, conflict………etc…..etc…..etc…… In a 3 minute round a boxer could experience all of those things in milliseconds and still they continue to move on, counting on … Continue reading

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A Ring of thought

When we pay attention in a rigid, effortfull and thus stressed way, it is a drag on the entire mind body system:  We are more likely to overreact in ways that are fearful, angry, effortfull, rigid and resistant.  When we … Continue reading

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The Artist and the Boxer

The boxing gym is a community gathering place.  Boxers and observers come together for a standing room only experience.  Each person in the room brings a valuable energy to the scene.  Boxing is an artistic performance.  It is an expression … Continue reading

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A Place to Gather

A gym is a place to gather as much as your neighborhood watering hole.  It’s what I really love about our gym in particular.  Especially after lesson. Typically everyone sits around and shares their sparring and life experiences and I … Continue reading

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