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Where we come from

We write and rewrite our stories every day.  It is a beautiful skill to be able to change our perspective of the past. So much happens from there to here and it is each ingredient that enhances the flavor we … Continue reading

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Top of the mountain alone?

Every boxer has sparring partner stories.  Some sparring partners teach us harsh lessons while others take a more gentle approach, but no matter what, each of them has a huge impact on the people we are today.  I think it is … Continue reading

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Putting people first

Jim Casey of United Parcel Service had a vision way back in 1916 to put people first.  To put his employees quality of life, their voice, their expression, and their overall life experience as a priority.  This vision built a … Continue reading

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Advancing with Abandon

Many times boxers get stuck looking for one clean punch.  We worry about gassing out if we let our hands go.  We worry about being ineffective if we don’t land everything we throw.  We miss opportunity after opportunity because of … Continue reading

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Awareness, intent and a few other thoughts

Recently a gym member sent me an email revealing the realization that he was focusing on landing punches to the exclusion of everything else. Essentially he was hitting mostly with his fist. After working with another boxer who demonstrated a … Continue reading

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Often times blogs come to me from conversations with my boxers, friends or from some post I read via social media. I’ll walk around my day thinking about some concept and the words come to me. This blog has come … Continue reading

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Awareness and Responsibility

Lately I’ve been checking out posts by Brendon Burchard.  He recently posted about “The Four Horseman of Self-Awareness” I’d like to address some of his talk/post   Detachment- Detachment from any feeling, emotion or even sometimes expectation to the day.  It’s … Continue reading

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Gym Happenings

This week we are implementing our schedule changes, getting busier with the team and preparing for the solace of winter training in the gym!  There is something so comforting about being in the gym with a community of committed boxers … Continue reading

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NEW SCHEDULE SEPTEMBER 1st! (and we are almost a year old!!)

In 1 month we will be 1 year old!  I can hardly believe we are here.  We are implementing a new schedule Sept 1st!  Go to the Schedule page and check it out–The new schedule is below our current one. … Continue reading

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