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A Ring of thought

When we pay attention in a rigid, effortfull and thus stressed way, it is a drag on the entire mind body system:  We are more likely to overreact in ways that are fearful, angry, effortfull, rigid and resistant.  When we … Continue reading

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New habits

I’ve referenced the type of effort and commitment it takes to develop new habits.  Whether you are taking a negative phrase and making it positive, stopping swearing, bringing your jab back to your eyebrow or eating smaller portions, it can … Continue reading

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In 1928, women were struggling for the right to run track and field in the Olympics.  It was common belief that women would ruin their reproductive capabilities and that they were emotionally incapable of handling this type of competition. Fast … Continue reading

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Post Ringside

Christy Garcia is the #112 novice champion for 2015.  I feel proud, honered and satisfied to have been part of a complete process. She started as a fitness boxer years ago and set a goal to make the competitive team. … Continue reading

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What it’s all about

Being a good coach is so much more than having a good skill set to share.  It is 95% about building effective relationships. I started coaching as a closed off, hidden and not very approachable person.  In hindsight, it’s obvious … Continue reading

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I know this for sure

Over the years, there is one phenomenae that doesn’t make sense to me.  It’s when things are going crappy one would choose to not come in the gym.  I’ve been that person before and I still don’t understand. When everything … Continue reading

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One of the best things about being a boxer is having the ability to gain physical, mental and emotional certainty from training. I always come back to being comfortable with insecurities, doubts, uncertainty.  Once you have been able to stay … Continue reading

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Professional Boxing on Saturday

COME ALSO TO,SUPPORT LOCAL BOXER MIKE GAVRONSKI IN A 6 round fight on this card! Little Creek Casino Resort Welcomes Showtime Boxing Event, June 26 (SHELTON, Wash.) — Showtime Boxing returns to Western Washington this summer as Little Creek Casino … Continue reading

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a thought or two about confidence

Building confidence hasn’t occurred like I expected.  I thought getting good at skills or tasks was the only way to build confidence.  Getting better at stuff partially builds confidence but mostly becoming more comfortable making errors, not being perfect and … Continue reading

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Bridal showers and boxing

yes, it’s true, if a bridal shower happens in the woods, boxing still exists. Yesterday I attended a bridal shower for one of our competitive boxers, Laura.  She started as a fitness boxer before the gym had walls.  I watched … Continue reading

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