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Nature moment and changes

This morning I woke up to dogs hounding me to go outside.  I live in an apartment with a rooftop deck and so we go through the usual ritual of dressing appropriately for human interaction, the weather and terrain!  I … Continue reading

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Gym Happenings

This week we are implementing our schedule changes, getting busier with the team and preparing for the solace of winter training in the gym!  There is something so comforting about being in the gym with a community of committed boxers … Continue reading

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Summertime at the Gym!!!!

Summer is creeping in around Seattle and a few exciting things are happening here at the gym to keep you motivated with your training. We now have a Youth Program for kids ages 8-12.  This new year round program is … Continue reading

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Exciting things

We wanna keep you in the loop! Exciting things happening around the gym! Right now!  If you would like to add running to your boxing workout regime, we have the answer!Road work Programming.  Add $20.00 to any membership and a … Continue reading

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Youth Boxing

One thing I am extremely grateful for from my youth was being introduced to sports and music as a way to express myself.  The combination of the two got me through so many different aspects of growing up. There are … Continue reading

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ART AND BOXING COLLIDE! There are many reasons each of us walk thruogh these doors and put on the gloves. Whatever our goals and motivations, intentions, hopes, each of us is fighting for something. The WHAT- As part of an … Continue reading

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We have listened to your feedback and will be starting a new schedule beginning Sunday March 2nd!  Stay tuned…..We will get the schedule out quick!

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Sparring–Why you should try it.

If you are not a competitive boxer, there is no need to experience all out or really hard sparring.  If you occasionally want to be tested to see how you do under more duress, then you can experience this with … Continue reading

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I sat down at the computer wondering what to write about Thanksgiving and boxing.  Mostly I have been drawing a lot of blanks.  I traditionally really like the holiday because I enjoy being social with folks around a table of … Continue reading

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Please take the time to fill out this survey!

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