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Boxing’s a never-ending PhD in which you discover, keep and discard multiple theories… You can never settle on any particular idea… have to follow laws of nature. A boxer’s biology, body mechanics, mental focus and emotional intelligence all fall under … Continue reading

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Dialing in

It’s already the Friday before competition.  It seems like this weekend would never come and all the sudden it is smack dab in front of me. I’m not even fighting but I’m getting those same feelings as when I did. … Continue reading

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This empty space

Just about 5 years ago, I wondered, “what the hell have I done?” I was sitting in an empty Arcaro Central Area gym during what was supposed to be a noon class.  As a matter of fact I sat in … Continue reading

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Sometimes I sit in the gym when it’s quiet.  Just me, the dogs and this blog.  I’ll have so much to say but I’m not certain how to say it or how to organize the scrambled thoughts into organized and … Continue reading

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KO Parkinson’s Debut March 3rd!

You may have noticed a unique community punching the bags and practicing their footwork alongside fitness, recreational, and competitive boxers. They are members battling Parkinson’s Disease through boxing. We’ve enjoyed the energy they bring to the gym, and it’s been … Continue reading

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Awareness, intent and a few other thoughts

Recently a gym member sent me an email revealing the realization that he was focusing on landing punches to the exclusion of everything else. Essentially he was hitting mostly with his fist. After working with another boxer who demonstrated a … Continue reading

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Community I didn’t anticipate

Before the gym had walls I started thinking about community and how to allow the space for it to authentically grow. When we were at Pratt Park, I watched how our public space was used, how instantly the space allowed … Continue reading

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Willing to be hit

To be willing to be hit is a powerful skill. As always, boxing is a backward sport. It’s never like you think. To be powerful, you must be relaxed, to be accurate you cannot aim, to have strength, you don’t … Continue reading

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Day of the fight

It’s a very different experience preparing for fights as a coach versus being a boxer. As a boxer, I obsessed about my amateur fight at least a week in advance, and when I was in the pros, I obsessed about … Continue reading

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‘Defector Girl Boxer’ fights for South Korea –

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