It’s a funny world we live in…

One that chooses the surface visual facade over the depths……says yielding is being a pushover and that strength must only come in bulk.  One that chooses object over substance and claims vulnerability is death.

I’m just here to work, to get something done and to learn as much as I can, only to be passed along to the next person in my path.

It’s a funny world we live in…

One that tells you how to exist so large groups have cohesion and can be controlled by vanity principles.  The beautiful are sad and the not so pretty condemned.  One that props up the second and shuns the hour.

It’s a funny world we live in….

The one outside the ring that is…..for it makes very little sense.

Step inside the ropes and learn the reality of existence….the truth…..the way punches hurt and take responsibility.  Step inside the ropes and feel the eternity of the minute.  Where your breath echoes in between the malleus, incus and stapes, reverberating doubts exponentially.

Come back outside and hear the excuses surmount……feel the confines of society telling you what success looks like.  Feeling beholden to an invisible authority with each question asked.

Where is the freedom if not inside the ring?

It is in the work.  The simple, day to day work.  No explanation, no pomp and circumstance……nothing but the fundamentals from beginning to advanced over and over again.

And if you ever doubted there was anything else, remember:

No one cares, work harder-  Molly McConnell




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Stopping the war with time

We are a culture of bandaids…..of temporary fixes……of trying resurrection versus changing our behavior.

We always seem to want to be anywhere but where we actually are.  We manipulate time according to our own definitions.  We complain of the waste of time… assault upon our efficacy.

This type of thinking prevents creativity….it doesn’t allow for failure to be exalted…which it should be.  We can never get to our outcomes without traveling first.

The point at which you know what you are working on is the wrong thing to be working on— You cannot call the work up to that point you figured out what you’re working on is the wrong thing…..FAILURE— That’s called learning.
–Failure is an Option-  NPR Ted Radio Hour April 18
Working on something that turned out to be a failure is not a waste of time.  It is an imperative learning experience.  It’s how we get a more finely tuned proprioception….it’s how we gain knowledge, it’s how we get more efficient……….
It’s just plain necessary to work, learn, fail and repeat with new information guiding us.
#BoxOn !!!
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To be a boxer- you have to be comfortable with searching for failure- you have to be excited to see your inefficiencies -you have to be motivated to look for all that is wrong because that is your work.

It is the lack that provides you the opportunity to move forward.

Criticism cannot be interpreted into the ego’s self worth.  Criticism must be used as a tool-  an outside advisor guiding your way towards the outcome you desire.

Your efficacy as a human cannot be threatened by all that is wrong with you, for all that is wrong is just insight and information…..not a stuck state, but a malleable state looking to expand, and grow.


To be a boxer, you have to employ single minded focus.

You have to be able to keep your gaze, your thoughts, and your intention on what is right before you.  No sirens, no voice, no comment or distracting judgement can penetrate the moment you are in.

To be a boxer, you have to be unconcerned with fitting in.

Your friends may not understand-  if they don’t and still support you to be all you want to be, then keep them close.  If they don’t and try to pull you off task, leave them where they are……they will know where to find you when they are ready.

To be a boxer, you have to take responsibility for every outcome you have, for you chose it.  You made every decision that got you to where you are at.  If you are unhappy with where you are at, simply look at your previous decisions…..all your clues are there.  Discover what is behind and under……




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There are times in life one feels trapped.   If you could just get away or out of the situation you are in, everything would be better.  You wouldn’t have to feel this way anymore.

That’s not how it works.  There is no get away….no ultimate reprieve– for it isn’t the situation, it is the underneath….that which is in your skin permeating your every move.

The pain within needs a voice- expression without labels or judgment.  A right to exist, to tell the story of your experience.  The pain within is the past that brought you to the present and drives you into the future.  Let it breathe so you no longer choke, let it stake its claim so you can walk out from the shadow.

Take a knee to get your 8 count and regroup with furor-  The trapped is the opportunity to dive to the depths and come up to fully expanded lungs and new vision.  The trapped forces you to look for creative ways to move forward and shed the weight that boxes you in.

No way out but through.



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Decision making

…perhaps the biggest problem lies in the way that individual decisions accumulate into big effects. –  David R. Montgomery-  King of Fish.  The Thousand Year Run of Salmon

Each thought begets a word, intelligible to the brain— taking shape in our body as we verbalize.  Single twitches of tissue, contribute to the misunderstanding of our conscience.

We have the clues everyday within ourselves….how our bodies do or don’t operate and connect.  Patterns of outcomes that come at us for years.  We have keys to answers we just don’t know to question.  The how we got here is lacking so that we can understand what we are in the here.

Restoring salmon runs will require reshaping to our landscape guided by humility- –  David R. Montgomery-  King of Fish.  The Thousand Year Run of Salmon

Understanding oneself and taking complete responsibility for ones actions will take a different stance in relation to society.  It’s uncomfortable to see how fraudulent we truly are as a species and somehow it makes us fascinating.

Boxing provides the perfect set of rules to abide by in order to learn.  To yield one’s fist upon another takes a large amount of humility and grace not displayed in the violence act of the fight.  We have to endure discomfort that very few choose to begin and even fewer remain.  We must reshape the us in contrast to the landscape in order to achieve understanding.

I cannot imagine a purer scenario with which to live my life- on and off the canvas in varying rhythms.  Going out and reaching beyond our immediate community- other times, hunkering down at home—always- always we go in the fight with pure intention to achieve each detail with precision.

Nature in and around us, adapting, recreating.  We cannot breathe it in and out….it travels through us.  It is our duty to know ourselves at the core, for that will guide us to our humanity.




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language reveals intent

I’m interested in language and intent.  Interested in word usage and the meanings we choose from the words we use.  It’s important to me how we interact and how we take responsibility for our thoughts and verbiage.  We are in a world becoming increasingly unaware of the original meanings of words and we are losing the ability to have intelligent, well intentioned conversations, especially when there is disagreement.  As we  become more disconnected from one another, we disconnect our brains from our bodies.

“I’m just asking”

When using the word “just”- often times, one is defensive, has other intent than “just asking”, is feeling insecure and a whole host of other things.  We use the word as a way to justify our existence….to say we are righteous in our meanings and that the other person has done us wrong.  We use it to explain why we have the right to ask versus truly asking a question that has a singular intent.  In other words, our intent is mixed.  We have meanings underneath the reasons for our questions that we aren’t being truthful about.

“I accidentally bumped into you”

To me, this phrase is loaded with lack of taking responsibility.  If one truly wishes to be extensional to another….the phrase might go something like, “I bumped into and really affected your balance”…….”I’m rushing around and not paying attention and bumped into you”……etc…..etc…..etc…

Language and communication is complicated and loaded most of the time….it takes due diligence to speak with authentic and clean meanings.  It takes practice being able to listen to oneself while speaking.

In the ring, punches can also have mixed intent….We can punch from our bad day that might not have anything to do with our sparring partner…..we can punch from our anger  at the kind of childhood we experienced……this too has nothing to do with our sparring partner.  I prefer “clean” sparring.  Sparring that is an honest dialogue of interest, curiosity and skill building.

I also prefer “clean” sparring in conversation.  The more of it, the more we will be in the same stable going for similar extensional accomplishments.


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Thaw- The break-up

The ice slowly changes form- it’s frozen identity dying, breaking up becoming another version of itself.

The land is waking up as the sun shows itself more hours in the day and thaws the sleep from our eyes.

We work, not allowing the set up determine our efficacy for it is our intent, what we desire, that drives our vision.

We work, allowing new people to enter our lives, feeling their struggles and the similarity of all humans figuring out how to maneuver the land.

Our bodies hold the keys with their fractures and adhesions…..the straps within that bind and fight our desire to move freely.  Our bodies give feedback to our brain, the originator of thoughts and all the chemicals that course through our tissues.

Fix the body, and the brain will do it’s own breakup-  thoughts changing form, perception altered as the environment encasing it is changed.


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the mechanics

The most fluid, effective movement creating that effortlessly powerful punch.

I think about it non stop-  how do I get that punch from stationary to moving?
How to I spread the tension through my body so that I can maximize every sling and leveraged point in my body?

The mechanics of it all is what keeps me here……motivated…..driven……..the formulas that create the moment of impact as it glides through your arm while your trunk hosts anchor…….your feet stretch for the floor and you seem to wind in upon yourself…..It feels secure…grounded….it is yours.

I want to share this punch…….the feeling in the body to create that punch.  I want to find it for myself all the time…….The kind of movement that gives back energy and allows you to work at higher levels without tire.  Pain-free—-not stiff—-relaxed movement.

There are no days off-  I call it a lifestyle- Bri, owner RPS Madrona

I study this punch when I use a vacuum, walk the dogs and drive my car.  Connected body=connected mind.  Anxiety reduced, moved to action in your tissues…….an alive and springy feeling propelling you though the day.  I want this for myself and others.

Our problems are technical. Meaning that they can be resolved through mechanical self reflection and application- Naudi Aguilar, founder Functional Patterns

The more we get away from our bodies, away from nature, the more difficult it is to live without many dysfunctions affecting our health.  I observe older family members narrow their lives, then their range of motion, then their lives again…..and it seems that all movement stops in one little room, but we are a part of something so much more.  I will keep studying the punch because it fits my vision… fits the mold for being a problem solver.  It is my contribution……

There is so much around the delivery and receipt of the punch.  The complicated gap between you and me.  We can simplify it in a simple physical exchange filled with curiosity and skepticism.  We will learn more in between the words than had we talked for hours.


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More on a skilled life

Sitting in the wallows of self pity sometimes feels good-  for a moment anyway.  It’s nice to curl up and wrap the blanket around my whole body, snug, tight, compact and protected.  It’s soothing to lie still, to feel hurt, to feel loss, to feel what seems unchangeable…………

And then,

it’s time to get up… survey oneself with some logical questions.

What am I doing to make my situation be as it is?
Who am I blaming for my predicaments?  Have I looked in the mirror enough?
What can I do differently, right this very second to implement a different outcome?
What is my vision?
What are the obstacles in obtaining my vision?

Coyote Teaching-  not done through rote or memorization but through trial and error and experience. It’s lessons are for all of the senses and seek to instill in the student an insatiable, inner need for knowledge.  – The Forgotten Wilderness

Trial and error are necessary for true learning that cannot be taken away from you.  Trial and error give you great confidence as you navigate what you are doing in this life. I have trained close to 100 competitive boxers in over 15 years.  Each one has changed me inside and out.  Each one is getting me closer to the vision of what I want…..each one helps me refine my vision.  And every single one has allowed my passion for boxing to burn with the intensity that lives within- my hunger for unending learning.

Grandfather, Great Spirit,
Grant that I may feel the rapture
In your little things
That I do when I gaze upon
Your grand vistas.
-Stalking Wolf, May 1959 (Tom Brown’s The Forgotten Wilderness)

It is the daily, mundane biomechanics training, the repetition of perfecting a movement….a thought process…..It’s the over and over getting it wrong, until it is right that interests me.  Whether the boxer will have the skill of a beginner or the skill of an elite level athlete… matters to me if the daily is not looked upon with awe and wonderment.  We have a duty to do and see the small things as if they were our most precious treasure.

I had used much of my knowledge and most of my skill and I was proud of the way they had worked. But, there was no elation in it. I had done a difficult thing well, but I could not exult. -The Tracker

I don’t have superiors to tell me how great I am, to tell me I am doing a good job……I have to know.  I have to feel it from the inside out.  This is what I am cultivating when I work with coaches and boxers.  It is the rudimentary skill building that is ours and ours alone….that needs no recognition from the outside………We have to know what work we have done and was it to the best of our current skill level.  I have to do my best and know there is more to be done.

Concentric Rings:  Nothing can move in the natural world without affecting everything else. – Tom Brown’s -The Forgotten Wilderness

Everything I do today, moves something for me tomorrow……it moves something for my gym and my community.  Everything I do is connected to nature to my fellow humans and I must proceed each day understanding my connectedness……..or I am nothing.



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Living a skilled life

I was 17 when I took the job at the nursing home.

I was living a lost life and the nursing aid job, sports and high school studies kept my head barely above water.

My senior year I worked night shift, went to school and basically got shit done while in a complete  sleep deprived state.  I was in survival mode.

One cannot achieve happiness in life without skill.  Live a skilled life.-  Gio Cabrera Mioletti

I lived a life of very little skill.  Emotionally deficient, a low emotional IQ, a pension for victimhood and blaming.  A life full of dramatic occurrences, over and over.  I was a hot head, quick to judge and quick to act irrationally.  I was always in the right and everyone else was stupid.

Happiness comes with a connected body and mind.  It comes with holding oneself accountable via extremely high standards.  Happiness comes with obtaining skills that contribute to the improvement of our society.  It comes because we demand that we use our natural gifts and worked for gifts for the betterment of all and not just ourselves.

Living a skilled life is a never-ending process.  It is more than just punching a time clock to pay bills.  Living a skilled life will have you appreciating daily what has happened and looking forward to the next even if it’s going to be hard as hell.


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