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I am learning guitar.  Next to coaching, guitar consumes me.  Music and boxing -expressions of self, of nature. I can’t wait for my next practice session. How to change chords, how to strum.  How to read a tab and break … Continue reading

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Crown Shyness

The space between trees that don’t touch It’s between you and me-  Boxer and Coach Crowd and Fighter That walk- an endless hallway in a horror flick All that space…………to wander off It’s too long-  time to think and listen … Continue reading

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Betting and boxing

As we enter the 2020s, it’s hard to deny that interest in professional boxing has declined sharply in the United States. While the sport has enjoyed something of a resurgence in parts of Europe, it appears to be long past … Continue reading

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BECOMING: a guest blog!

Arcaro Boxing gym is magic. The gym has a constant hum of energy, echoes of all that activity and intention, even when there is no one there, and the bell is silent. Everyone seems happy at the gym, despite the … Continue reading

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Inner Conflict

I hit the bag with what feels like pillows on my hands.  Every massive swing does not generate the thud that I am looking for.  Searching for feeling somewhere in my trunk. NOTHINGNESS Looking for access, for the flood gates … Continue reading

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I enter and the steam hits my face obliterating the cold outside. Fist bumps around, smiling faces involved in their tasks. Coaches walking around filling the gaps of unknown with simple instruction.  Adding encouragement, useful criticism and a dose of … Continue reading

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What’s your motivation

6 years in the game with my own business. 17 years in boxing. 17 years and more of growth!  Failure and more growth-  success and more growth……..tons of growth. My motivation is community.  It’s serving my fellow humans in the … Continue reading

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Boxing’s a never-ending PhD in which you discover, keep and discard multiple theories… You can never settle on any particular idea… have to follow laws of nature. A boxer’s biology, body mechanics, mental focus and emotional intelligence all fall under … Continue reading

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Snippets of sun

October gold all around as the wind wisps lighter objects on the ground up into the air and violently returns them to the earth.  The sun through the windows feigns a balmy outdoors.  Stepping outside feeling the prick of cold … Continue reading

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#coachesdowntime story

Confession: I’ve been afraid of my InstaPot Well, really I feel anxious when I have to read manuals…..follow directions……fill out new forms……you get the idea. I can go in the ring and get punched, but having to read a manual … Continue reading

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