Head Coach: Tricia Arcaro Turton
Coach: Jen Hamann
Coach: Richard “OG” Wells
Coach: Cassidy Gannon
Coach: Omar Vergara
Coach: Kevin Roberson
Coach: Ali Ali
Web Manager: Debbie Lin

Head Coach: Tricia Arcaro Turton

Boxing Head Coach Tricia Turton

Coach Tricia is a former professional boxer that has been an elite athlete for over 20 years.  She started as an amateur boxer in 2002 in the Central District, amassing a record of 16-2 culminating in a National Championship Gold Medal in 2004.

In 2005, she had her pro debut with Credit Boxing in Renton, WA.  During her professional boxing career, Coach Tricia earned an 8-4 record with epic battles versus Lisa Holewyne, Mary Jo Sanders, Holly Holm and Dakota Stone.  Pro Boxing Bio

Motivated by community, heritage and boxing, Arcaro Boxing was established in January 2013 in Pratt Park in the Central District.  Arcaro Boxing Gym celebrated its opening nine months later in The Jefferson building in the Central District, October 2013.  Coach Tricia plans on training many future champions from the Pacific Northwest in non-competitive, amateur and professional boxing.

Coach Tricia is also a certified Human Biomechanics Specialist 2 in Functional Patterns and uses this training methodology in her private sessions and classes.

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Coach: Jen Hamann

Boxing Coach Jen Hamann

Prior to boxing, Jen’s passion for the beautiful game lead her to Seattle University to play soccer for their women’s Division 1 soccer team.  Jen also competed on SU’s track and cross country teams. However through injury and tentativeness, Jen didn’t have the college sports career that she had always dreamed of.

In 2009, Jen discovered boxing and began to compete as an amateur as a way to express herself through sport. Through competition, she found a way to physically experience some of the principles she took on in her formal philosophy and psychology studies (Seattle University B.A. 2009).

Jen has since had the distinction of becoming the 2013 Continental Champion, 2013 USA National Champion, two-time Washington State Golden Gloves winner and 2013 Outstanding Female Boxer at the Jr. Golden Gloves. Due to medical issues, Jen turned professional on July 11th 2014 on an ESPN Fight Night card where she is currently 1-0.
In 2016 Jen graduated again from Seattle University with an M.A. in Existential Phenomenological Therapeutic Counseling where she has since been able to marry boxing and therapy in and outside of the ring. Having experience in both inpatient and outpatient therapy, Jen continues to see the value of having physical, emotional and existential awareness of our bodies and minds. She designed and moderated an “Expression Through Boxing” group therapy class where clients were able to get out of the office, learn basic boxing techniques, and reflect on their experiences of being vulnerable with their bodies in front of others.

Jen is currently coaching boxing and clients at the gym, utilizing DBT, Existential Therapy and Gendlin’s focusing and felt sense techniques.

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Boxer Jen Hamann Boxer Jen Hamann Boxer Jen Hamann Boxer Jen Hamann

Coach: Richard “OG” Wells


Richard (O.G.) Wells has been a boxing fan for years though he never knew “civilians” could train at a boxing gym. One day at a neighborhood BBQ a friend told him about boxing for fitness. The next day he called Arcaro Boxing, and within a week he was walking through the gym doors muttering, “This is a little scary.” Two and a half years, and over 6,000 rounds later, having lost 30 lbs, lowered his blood pressure and heart rate, and re-established a sense of balance lost years before, O.G. is fit as a fiddle and pounding it out four mornings a week. When Head Coach Tricia Turton offered him the chance to coach his peers he jumped for it.  O.G. Is head coach of the KO Parkinson’s class and the 55+ Group Fitness.

Coach: Cassidy Gannon


Cassidy grew up competing in a multitude of sports including go-kart racing and 6 years of competitive softball. When she decided not to return to softball her junior year she looked for something to fill her competitive drive but give her that sense of power that was missing.

Introduced to Coach Tricia and Jen in 2013, she fell in love with the sport of boxing immediately. “The beautiful sound you hear when you punch a bag, how graceful the footwork makes you feel, or the power you get from putting all the emotions you have and just releasing them. Those are all the things that made me fall in love with boxing and continue to.” Cassidy continues to train as an amateur boxer, and goes to school at Seattle University, pursuing a Kinesiology degree with the goal of becoming a Physical Therapist.

Coach: Omar Vergara



Omar was born in Sunnyside, WA and can remember being involved in AAU and Parks & Rec sports since he was 5 – playing soccer as a passion, but also staying active throughout the years with basketball and swim team. In middle school and high school he also tried wrestling and football. However, boxing was always his main interest, but was unable to attend any boxing gyms growing up.

At 14, Omar took initiative for himself and decided to study some of his favorite boxers via YouTube and practiced on a heavy bag that he hung in his basement. Feb. 11, 2014 was his first time stepping in a boxing gym – with Arcaro Boxing – on a sparring session with the intention and hope of joining the competitive boxing team. From that day on he knew what his passion would be. “Boxing allows us to grow not just physically, but mentally and emotionally in a way that I don’t think can be expressed, just felt with personal experience.” Seeing the positive impact Arcaro Boxing has in our community Omar couldn’t be more excited to be part of a team that gets to share the experience and grandness of boxing.  If you ask Omar, he will say that boxing is his oyster.

Coach: Kevin Roberson

KevinRoberson2 Kevin_RedRing KevinRoberson1

Kevin was born and raised in Seattle, leaving only to attend Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Sports and competition have been a major part of his life and been the source of valuable life lessons. Football was Kevin’s first love, but boxing planted a seed as early as the days of Mike Tyson in his prime. Friends from his neighborhood would share his pair of gloves usually leaving him with the glove for his least dominant hand. Fast forward beyond football, track, basketball, and weightlifting teams, Kevin settled himself into boxing and has continued this pursuit as an amateur, pro and coach for the past 15 years. He believes in using boxing as a platform to assist himself and others to fight for their goals.

Coach: Ali Ali


Ali Ali was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia outside the city of Washington DC. At the age of 11, he began boxing at the Arlington Boxing Club with Coach Willie “The Heat” Taylor. Ali fought in tournaments such as Silver Gloves, JO Olympics, as well as State/ National Golden Glove tournaments. At the age of 16, he competed in the “open division” for men competing in the PALS, Ringside, USA Opens tournaments and many other local/regional shows.

After graduating high school, Ali attended the Virginia Military Institute where he studied Psychology. During his tenure, he represented VMI in the NCBA national tournaments against schools such as West Point and the Naval Academy.

In 2014, Ali moved to Seattle and continued to compete under Tricia Turton at Arcaro Boxing, He is now the lead coach for the youth boxing classes while also pursuing a career in technology. His determination, passion and experience are what drive him and allow him to share what he’s learned with the youth in the community.

Web Manager: Debbie Lin

While involved in a variety of sports throughout her life – including swimming, volleyball, softball, track & field, and flag football – Debbie’s first participation in a true contact sport was at Arcaro Boxing Gym. After three months of training as an open gym member, Debbie transitioned to sparring lessons and found the challenge of putting her boxing skills to the test against a live partner exhilarating – she loves the feeling of constantly learning and improving while simultaneously helping others to learn and improve as well.

For similar reasons, Debbie also enjoys managing the Arcaro Boxing website. It too involves a constant process of learning, improving, and creativity, just with a different set of skills — blending images, code, and content in an attempt to reach the ideal balance of form and function to provide the best possible experience for both the site’s users and the Arcaro Boxing staff.