The Comeback

The Comeback

Not every comeback has a beautiful crescendo and a masterpiece at the end.  It doesn’t begin and end in a neat line with some obstacles thrown in for dramatic flair.

My perspective is that our comeback starts the minute we are born.  The first gasp asking for everything to stay right here and right now.  Every single minute we are aware of the vastness of then and there. That’s really where we want to live but complications get in the way.

Comebacks are grimy, ugly, beautiful, painful, full of ecstasy.  Comebacks are not a destination forward, rather a coming home to our original state.

Glaciers receding, mightiness reduced as time moves.  How can we be any different with our meagerness?  How can we have a comeback where we are intact and the rest of Nature isn’t?

My Comeback has been to find personal responsibility to the highest degree possible.  It is a goal fraught with failure.  My failure builds strength and allows me to widen my perspective and gain more accountability.

If you acknowledge what you have done, you can be more aware of what you are doing.

Fall day, 36 degrees, cold and dry for Seattle, you know, hoodie and jacket weather.  A short expansive and jaw dropping woman saunters in between the rows of chairs.  Sturdy posture, sturdy voice filling the Longhouse space, speaking Lushootseed.  Breaths held everywhere and she stops and repeats in English, the mantra “Greed is a Crime, Greed is a Crime, Greed is a crime”

I choked and tears overtook me while I kept a firm bodily composure.

We don’t acknowledge as a society what we have done, so we cannot even see what we do now.

I contribute to this outcome.

We get caught up achieving some amorphous goal…an insatiable intangible…..Really, all there is to do every single day is to get up and work and contribute something to society.  Something tangible, and measurable…….We must get up, and work and not think we are owed something special, some ease…..because, if you give back to one another, there is no ease…….Always something to do to get done.


This is my comeback….I’ve comeback to the place where only the moments matter.  We can plan all we want, but we must follow ourselves around and take responsibility for our outcomes as a group and individuals.  If we have found a way out of some pattern, it is our duty to share with others how it was accomplished.

This comeback allows me to experience a massive range, and boy is it relieving not having to be a certain way all the time.  Homeostasis for us humans is really constant flux. I don’t want to pivot all the time, I want new angles.

This comeback is allowing me to have legs and a trunk that is connected.  My shoulders no longer bear the burden of my decision making.  I’m getting an expanded global view.  I’m a fledgling and rarely successful at staying in the pocket calmly, but it sure is obtainable…..I can feel a glimpse of it.  I’m gonna spend my life sharing how I’ve implemented what I’ve learned and how I’ve learned it.

This comeback allows me to see my place…..I am not a creator of new ideas….I’m better at studying and applying systems that are sensible and of service to the communities I’m in.

There really isn’t anything else to do but keep learning so you can keep contributing to bettering society……by really seeing what we all have done and what we are currently doing.

Let’s see something different.



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1 Response to The Comeback

  1. Richard Wells says:

    “I was born a long way from where I belong, and I am on my way home.” Dylan

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