I’ve often thought, “What Is The Point?”  I look at myself, look around at others and again wonder, what is the point?

This world is a reflection we have made up as we’ve gone along.  All groups slowly getting further away from the original reasons that have led us here.  We make up our purpose here on earth…..making up a purpose out of a personal need to matter.  

What is the point if you have the capability to hop on a boat and go to sea on a whim or go to a movie that you saved up your money for  if we have a single person sleeping in the street?  If we have distraught folks with little life skill to contribute back to society?
Everything is reflection of a system we have slowly developed and created with the knowledge we have at the time.   All the above scenarios are what we have created possible.  We have created our societies…….every part of it…..we are all responsible.

I ask myself 2 questions every day-  How can I best serve my community and how can I pay my bills?  Inside those questions are infinite more.

What skills do I possess that can be shared and be of value to the community?  Where do I create an atmosphere for folks to constantly give value to one another?  How do I show others what I have learned and still stay out of the way enough?   Who do I surround myself with to make this mission possible?  How do I continually expose my own hypocrisies so I can create more space for work to be done?
So, to me this is the point…’s not to obtain so much for myself or too little for myself that I am separate from others……It’s to give back to living here.  This place is beautiful and our bodies are tremendous machines.  We could all feel a lot calmer- more creative and useful.

Our greatest fear should not be of failure… but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”

– Francis Chan




About arcaroboxinggym

Boxing gym for recreational and competitive boxers. Community minded and locally inspired. Seattle Small Business Supporter
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