Respecting elders is of the utmost importance to me.

Elders should have opportunity to pass on what they have learned in their experience and they should have the ability to continue to learn.

The elders at Arcaro are an integral part of our gym community.  Their work ethic and ability to adapt motivates me to push myself further.  To be part of a narrative that explores aging and how it can be told differently versus mindlessly accepting what we have experienced via enculturation.

Recently we have put out a call to ya’ll to get videos of your sprinting and send it to us.  We can use Functional Patterns training methodology and boxing drills to improve your running and boxing.  The two most fundamental aspects of training for fighters.

There are many reasons why we want you to start sprinting-
We are in training camp and only value can come out of this restriction period.

Elder-  (in response to sending sprinting video)
This was Sunday.  I sent it to Omar.  It was slightly alarming to me to realize the way my legs don’t realize they belong to my body.  I’ll keep working

Me:  I remember my moment of alarm that my body didn’t do what I was imagining it was capable of.

Elder-  Exactly

Me:  It’s awful for a moment then **ck it- only 1 way to change that

Elder- That’s how I felt.  Discouraged and then all I can do is keep working.

Me:  Sucking at things is really no big deal.  Lamenting and doing nothing different is a very big deal!

Elder:  So true

Me:  It’s cool to watch how you have settled into working…..how you clean up your already powerful leverage.

Elder:  Thank you.  I’m enjoying it.  I am becoming less dependent on outside validation for my work.


Elders are not stagnant!  They aren’t “cute”-  They aren’t inspirational……….They aren’t old fashioned and out of touch.  They keep setting the stage for us….not to be swept away, but to share.  They are the stewards of our land and the stewards of the links to nature……..there is nothing new to invent only work to be done.

The work is to be done beside each other- no matter your age or skill.




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