Semantics and on line training

Efficacy and leverage drive my desire.  How can we get that perfect punch in motion with maximum power.

It’s cool to have knockout power from a static position….but it’s way cooler if you can generate it while moving.

I work on my leverage mentally, physically, emotionally…..I study my patterns and the patterns of others.  I watch my speech, word usage, reactions….everything is for training camp.

The true meaning of a term is found by observing what a man does with it, not what he says about it.   -The Tyranny Of Words

One of the best things to come out of staying at home is the illumination of patterns.  I am seeing energy wasted and habitual things I do without thought.  It’s all coming into my conscious awareness.  I’m also seeing where I have undoubtedly changed over the past 20 years in my disciplines.  It’s very engaging.

To me, it’s no different than studying your jab or your footwork.  Switching over to interest about patterns allows you to get excited to find errors.  It’s empowering and relieving to not have to be so spot on all the time.  You realize it’s normal to be bad at things… fail at new habits until you adopt them without effort.

Without knowledge of the correct use of words most of us are defenseless against harmful stimuli.

People are not ‘dumb’ because they lack mental equipment, they are dumb because they lack an adequate method for the use of that equipment.

– The Tyranny Of Words


It is the same physically-  People lack athleticism because they don’t know how best to maintain and repair their equipment.  We are under huge industries’ of influence and dogma telling us what concepts mean….and we are still not clear.
Fitness- Cardio- Strength- Power- Flexibility —-all abstracts without meaning…without a direct and clear referent for us to agree upon and have succinct communication.

When we train you on line-  we must cut through the miscommunication possibilities immediately.  We have a short time for you to demonstrate understanding of the skill we are helping you improve.  We have a short time to help you develop autonomy.

We must cut through defense- optimism- negativity—-anything that delays the downloading of information you need to process and practice for improvement.

Give us a try-  We are here for your training camp and want you to …….




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