Sunday rest

The days were the same before all this happened.

I always had to remind myself what year, month and day it was so I could interact in the rest of the world as we have it constructed.

I wake up each day, thrilled to be awake…alive……with the ability to solve problems……mechanical ones.  The ability to work on connecting our physiology in a more productive way.

I’ve been on this search my whole life and it took me 40 years to find my place.

I’m 9 years deep into finding the path I want to keep walking and I’ve probably only traveled 40 meters.  Isn’t that beautiful?   I’ve nowhere to go on this circular track…..just one foot in front of the other and when I make a full circle, I’ll do it again.

It’s Sunday, April 5th, 2020.  I sit on my couch looking out the window beyond my plants through the trees and houses all the way to the  Cascades and the clouds containing them.  My guitar on my lap showing me something else I am not good at – showing me what it means to truly practice.

That is all life is to me… big practice session.

Practice- test- succeed and fail- repeat.




About arcaroboxinggym

Boxing gym for recreational and competitive boxers. Community minded and locally inspired. Seattle Small Business Supporter
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