The best

I used to be driven by being the best.

I had this arrogance that I could be or that I was better than others…..that I had skills others didn’t have.  That I would be recognized by “the world” as the best trainer out there.  I would watch how others would train their boxers and think I could do a better job.  An all consuming feeling driven by insecurity.

Going on my 7th year in business has cured me of these thoughts.  

There is no best over another….being the “best” is short lived and untrue.

You knockout somebody today only to land face down on the mat another.

I approach each day more mechanistically.  Over the years, switching from looking externally for approval and recognition to looking hard at myself in the mirror.  I have a daily routine of critiquing the vocabulary I use in my thoughts in my spoken language.  I work on my body to also be more efficient.  This type of discipline leaves me little to no room for nonsense.

What am I contributing…..where are the errors in my ways…….how can I clean up what I do and do it more efficiently……where can I provide more impact that improves society?This gym is a tiny ecosystem that is successful because of each part…..not because I’m the best or because our coaches are the best.

You can feel it off of others when they think they can do a better job than you.  It’s how we are conditioned in an individualistic society.  Even though we all know there are many ways to do things…..we still get stuck on our way being the only way.  We judge from the corner, not knowing all the hours or specifics of training that went into learning.  We assume when a boxer fails at a task that if we the outsider just impart some wisdom upon them that they will magically be able to do things better.  We act as though their coach has never told them what we are about to teach.
I’ve been that coach………..It’s separatist and false.

Collaboration is important…..being able to learn from multiple people is essential…….competition for imparting knowledge is stupid.

Being #1 is a blip in time—–easily replaceable by #50. All boxers know that you really only have the capability to master yourself….and when you do, you sometimes win the immediate competition BUT- you always win in what you can contribute to the world

I’d like to shout out to all the boxing gyms and coaches in the PNW-  We all do are part to influence and better our gym members and competitors.  We aren’t the best nor the worst…….just a bunch of passionate folks who know how liberating boxing training can be!



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Boxing gym for recreational and competitive boxers. Community minded and locally inspired. Seattle Small Business Supporter
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3 Responses to The best

  1. Richard Wells says:

    1. Progress not perfection. An AA axiom.
    2. From some misc advice to a writer: If you need someone to tell you whether you’re any good, you ought to find another line of work.
    3. One of these days you might collect your best posts and publish that book.

  2. Alex Kannan says:

    I like how you realized that trying to be the best is perhaps not the best way to actually be the best you can be. I find inspiration for boxing looking up to my boxing idols, these are some of them:

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