Boxing’s a never-ending PhD in which you discover, keep and discard multiple theories…

You can never settle on any particular idea… have to follow laws of nature.

A boxer’s biology, body mechanics, mental focus and emotional intelligence all fall under the umbrella of laws of nature.

You can’ t forget your own…”s all part of the mix.

Coaches study the ins and outs of our sport from the competitive boxer’s experience.

Early morning unrest, fretting, doubting, exuberance, humility, passion- a part of our daily diet.

Coaching is a lifestyle-  it’s who I am.  By lifestyle, I’m not talking about that imaginary ideal in the sky lifestyle that we peddle as a society……I am talking about the poop shoveling, hard questioning, quest for knowledge lifestyle.  The kind of lifestyle where you are always owning up to how you affect others in this world.

It’s why we love boxing.  Two exposed souls giving and taking what each other has to offer….manipulating distance and timing….exposing and being exposed.  The immediate drama of our lives plays out before us in a physical display- no script.

Everyone should lace up and experience sparring at least once in their lifetime…….preferably more.  While sparring, you learn more about yourself in the privacy of your thoughts all the while portraying through your body what you think is secret.

Each coach studies this sport in and out……we study ourselves inside and out.

So much goes into fight preparation.  There’s a massive tug to keep the fighter within a zone that doesn’t go into full on flight/fight for weeks before the fight.  They are a constant blast of adrenaline just thinking about their bout and you have to steer them into that still zone…..the quiet…….the place they can breathe without freezing up to think about what’s ahead.  That place the breathe makes you feel like you are floating and watching yourself in a movie.

Our coaches train you to be prepared to fight whether you ever strap on the headgear or not.  We have been in the ring and taken others there.  You can use these skills to face challenges that excite you in life.  Ones that you feel apprehension, nerves, anxiety….anything about…… can use boxing skills to take on these experiences.  You can make boxing a lifestyle-

A cerebrally physical expression of you.





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