Snippets of sun

October gold all around as the wind wisps lighter objects on the ground up into the air and violently returns them to the earth.  The sun through the windows feigns a balmy outdoors.  Stepping outside feeling the prick of cold on my skin I watch the exhale of my breath take shape against the city scape.

It’s Fall at the gym, Change feels good….

I’ve set a 5 year  vision for myself and the gym.  I want this space to exist and be whether I’m here or not.  A place for serious community members to come in and work on all that is dysfunctional in their lives.  I have my work cut out for me.  I want Arcaro to be a respectful place where the heavy bags keep secrets and the ropes contain the stories shared on the canvas.

In my determination for growth and self-accountability, I have a space that is emerging in spite of me and beyond me.  For this, I am most proud.  For a space wholly dependent on me is my cage and ultimately yours.  I want my coaches, my boxers, my community to surpass my capabilities… take this space further than I ever could with the integrity of hard work and people as its centerpiece.

A business- kids- anything outside of you and dependent on you is the quickest way to find out what your are made of (if you don’t spar that is)

7 years ago, I was made up of a lot of insecurity-  disconnection- need for approval.  Each and everyday I had to face the ugly in me or the business wouldn’t grow and change.  I had to see all the ways I was screwing up (still have to) or succumb to complacency.

Boxing is my grounding-  it has taught me how to continually come back to fundamentals.  How to be excited at looking for all that is wrong and lacking.  Boxing has taught me how to take the absolute lowest blow to the cleanest punch and still stay centered.

It is this environment that is being established with everyone who walks into Arcaro.

Heritage- DNA- environment –  it all shaped us and continues to shape us………

Get in here and find your ugly!







About arcaroboxinggym

Boxing gym for recreational and competitive boxers. Community minded and locally inspired. Seattle Small Business Supporter
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