Our outcomes are the result of the sum of our decisions.  Our decisions are the sum of our reactions.  Our reactions are in response to our thoughts

If the body is dysfunctional….the mind will be too.  We are not separate.

I take a multi faceted approach to changing my outcomes if I am not happy with what I am obtaining. Starting with capturing thoughts and logging them into a database (entirely in my head) I begin to notice patterns.  Patterns of responses to thoughts….Patterns of thoughts.  I see what reactions arise and I see how I respond to those reactions. I observe the outcomes I get and continue this information gathering process until I have enough awareness of what it is that I am actually doing.

When doing the above, I notice where I physically feel thoughts and reactions……I study my bodily dysfunctions.  I notice what my body tends to do during the entire process from conscious thought to response/reaction.

It’s all a science experiment.

Without awareness of what is actually happening, I cannot take responsibility and without responsibility, I have no autonomy or ability to change further outcomes.

Bodies in motion-  so many variations.  Dysfunction after dysfunction altering our course. We’ve simplified our temple- Made it seem as if it operates in a bunch of straight lines.  It’s as if our vision does us a disservice because we can only perceive what is ahead of us.

We forget that the back of us connects to the front and that our sides are vital to our structural integrity.

We piece meal ourselves for the delight of others.  Objectifying this and that and murdering off the parts we hate.  So disconnected that we can no longer feel when the flame is too hot.

We’ve created an imaginary world where perfection exists for a few and the rest of us are doomed to only strive.

This gym combats all that is made up and socks you between the eyes with reality.The doldrum of basics gains excitement and notoriety and when you are encased in these walls,  you are heralded for your ability to feel weak, inefficient and disconnected……because if you put in your time on the daily, these things slowly change.

It’s the effort that binds us into community.  When we want to avoid the discomfort, we know that others are also dependent upon our bravery. They too are feeding off the energy we bring to each training session.  The coach is there for the redirection……the reminder to stay on course…..but the motivation has to come from within……for there are no pom poms and rah-rahs to make you have the desire.

#BoxOn !


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