When you can’t sleep- Think

Inside the ropes everything makes literal sense.

A punch has velocity and angles- such simplicity.  You must master your response system- constantly picking up reactionary speed.

The onslaught doesn’t slow down for your emotional processing- it continues, uninvited forcing you into looking at yourself long and hard.  Who are you when it really hits the fan?   You think you know, but I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Unless you’re a boxer, or you’ve experienced fast paced duress, you probably have no clue who you are in that space.

It’s a rude awakening at first.  A questioning to the bone.  You think you get a handle on yourself and then you find out, There’s levels to this ISH.

Each new push into the unknown reveals a part of me I don’t like…..EVERY TIME.  It’s the cold hard look in the mirror of, yes, I still have those reactions that get me no where.  That slight flinch, the push- away….the tension, the clenched jaw, or the holding of breath.  Ya, there’s levels.

I prefer the fine tuning of physical to mental to emotional……and back again.  If you come in the gym and it seems I am somewhere else…..I’m not…..I’m right here in the trenches, in the thick of it trying to solve a problem……a body riddle—a mechanical error.  It’s my favorite place to reside.  I don’t want extraneous distraction…..just pure focus.

Solving problems…..figuring how to get my own body to move and feel better….getting others to have the same experience……This is how I want to spend all my time.

I want to meet myself over and over in the places I don’t like and widdle away all the extra movements and reactions until I’m as efficient as I can be.

If you want to join me…..


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