We are given opportunities in life.  We seize them, or we don’t and seek another chance to change directions.

In working on being more self-aware, I learned that it’s best to have a methodology in which you are able to track yourself.  Whether you are observing decision making or outcomes….really tracking anything you want to help you get to know more about yourself.  It’ the only way I have found that works for me to be able to change my behaviors.

Now, the more physical I am, the easier it is to focus on tracking myself-  to clear my mind of the barrage of feedback it usually has to filter.  My body starts to get more efficient and my mind follows suit.

I was talking to a boxer about patterns of behavior……..This led me to remember that it’s important for boxing coaches to stretch beyond the ring and implement boxing metaphors.  We must speak a physical language that results in action….results in the boxer and ourselves knowing more about what drives our decision making.  Why we have the results we do and how we are responsible for them.  We must do our best to live in awareness of these metaphors for we are all in training together.  This isn’t an us vs them……..We are a team of individuals.

Boxing competition is but a small blip in our lives-  boxing lessons and the practice are life long.

#BoxOn !




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