An inspirational story

Take a minute and read this story by Nancy Lieberman and then come back to this blog.

This woman is bad assery!  I wish I had a smidge of what she has…..I’m just a follower when I look at her attitude and her accomplishments.

Today, Coach Jen and I take to the ring a gal who has worked 3 long hard years to get ready.  She has taken determination to a new level.  It’s people like Nancy Lieberman who have paved the way for us to walk through with less obstacles.

I’ll take 1000 boxers who might not have natural talent and ability, but they possess desire, humility and drive………when stuff gets really hard, they might get scared, but they don’t quit………..when they realize what it’s going to take to get to another level, they don’t bag out because of the work ethic it will take.

I’ll take 1000 of these boxers rather than 1 with an insane amount of natural talent.

When I read Nancy Lieberman’s story, I realized that it really is through coaching boxing that I’m finding myself….lengthening my stride and finally maturing.  (it only took over 40 years). I did many ground breaking things in my youth and young adulthood….but I did not have the work ethic from inside to stick those things out and become proficient at a higher level.

In coaching boxing, the timing is right.  I’m not special…..I just work really hard and push my limitations.  I expect others to meet me on the same road and get this work in on the daily.  I don’t like downtime without purpose…..except for the occasional game of Fishdom.  🙂  Even that is a game of patterns that I apply to my life.

….But they only drove me further to be the best. Then I remember I saw this man on the TV and he would say, “I’m the greatest!” That he beat Sonny Liston, that he beat Joe Frazier.I stood in front of my TV, mesmerized, and I walked into the kitchen, put my hands on my hips and looked at my mother, then pointed at her and said, “You better get used to it. I’m gonna make history. I’m gonna be the greatest women’s basketball player ever.”And I walked out the kitchen.  Muhammad Ali was my hero. He taught me to love me and to be fearless in my pursuit of excellence.—Nancy Lieberman

Boxing infiltrates every bit of our fabric whether you like it or not… is a part of every culture’s DNA—–fighting, warring, maneuvering for position is what everything in nature does…….we are all looking for our differential advantage.

I’m going to put my head down…..continue to learn about body mechanics and the science of boxing so when I’m done with this life, I will have modeled to others what it means to mature and contribute instead of bag out of the difficulty it takes to master essential skills that benefit nature and humanity.

Here’s to Sierra “Jaguar” Clifford, to my corner mate Coach Jen, to coach Molly and Denise………Hard work creates opportunity!

#BoxOn !



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