Interest in our failures

The hardest people to coach are the perfectionists.

They are driven to do everything so right and there is no room for error.  Frustration lurks around every bend.  Creativity is stifled.

Over tensioned muscles try to control and prevent errors not allowing any flexibility.

We are so conditioned to believe we are stupid, awkward, less than when we don’t do things well.  We are taught we should get things right the first time….but when does that ever really happen??


Boxers know that in the abyss, the murk of it all is where the gold is found.  We can see what we want while we feel all that is wrong…….and when we hang out there, everything becomes a little clearer.  Our dysfunction gives us something to focus on, problems to ponder.  We develop skill in our work…..we develop confidence from digging in the trenches.

Boxing is a beautiful practice to translate to our lives……..Ditch the perfectionism…replace it with tenacious curiosity and the knockout punch will follow!






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