I always know where I stand while I look out there.

IMG_4560Boxers have to know themselves completely.  We need to know and understand the ranges in us from confidence to insecurity.  We need to know how and why we make decisions, because in the ring those decisions take fractions of seconds with lasting results.
I know where my feet are and I’m getting increasingly more aware of the direct affect of body efficiency = mind efficiency.  We have to know exactly what and where we are feeling at precise moments so we can react with the best response needed.
Address the gaps in your body, you address the gaps in your mind.  Boxers know this.
My job as a coach is to help a person move better, feel better and learn with complete intimacy a knowledge of their patterns.  I must know my own self to create a space for others to obtain theirs………..I passionately look for my deficiencies…..I’m excited.  I like chores, I like work…….bodies are interesting.  We all present gaps in different ways.  This is my constant homework.  The more I study myself and others, the more I learn and change.  I’ve realized from the inside out that there is no end game….it is really about showing up each day with a vigor for what is possible.
Address each area you lack engagement-  look for where you are terrible and spend your time there!   Boxers know this
My job as a coach is to dig into the dark….the places a person doesn’t like to go as much because they feel weak.  It is in here, in the trenches where our reward lives.  We will come out with a different perspective and they will be stronger and more capable after.
Know where you are standing while you look out there…………
My job as a coach is to keep us rooted in the fundamentals while I envision what is possible……what seems impossible and how we should go about it.  It is imperative that I pay attention and learn about my errors in real time rather than in reflection.  I must imagine an unimaginable future and lay down the structure to get there.
Look for all the places you don’t fit in and stay there.  Those places have the potential to give you angles you never thought of……You will change your rhythm and timing if you hang out here-  A rather insurmountable task to do in 3 minutes, let alone a lifetime.  New possibilities will present if you look from discomfort.
Train yourself to believe in the positivity of seeing through a lens of dissatisfaction.  Have a propensity for obliterating complacency.  Being in this mindset is where magic happens and creativity flows.  It is a place without fear and a place where accountability is welcomed.
As a coach, I must be the reality speaker.  To know the truth of what we are facing and how we will take it on.  I have to use verbal feedback that is quick and to the point for when we are at war, there is no time to make things comfortable.  I have to see and then make myself heard from the corner.  I need to understand the decisions and the outcome moment by moment so I can accurately assess.
Train yourself to self-study….every word….every action…..every interaction…… up your passion for knowledge and connection with the world in the way you want to live every day.
Boxers know this.
#BoxOn !

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