Body Image

Marketing’s sole purpose is to create a feeling of demand for a product.  Sometimes, the demand can be false and embellished via marketing campaigns– leading to an actual demand that perpetuates itself.

Body image changes with our societal conditioning.  We have been duped into believing there is a “perfect” body out there to achieve.  At the same time, we are encouraged to consume and consume and consume, whether it be goods, services, ideas, food, etc….The ultimate paradox leading us to achieve nothing.

The true perfect body isn’t so much an aesthetic driven achievement, it is inside, an integral process-  a striving for tensegrity and symmetry.  Get a body well connected and the dysfunctions that disfigure the body change thus becoming more visually appealing.

I have struggled for years with how I view my body and myself in general.  I tried lifting weights, running, weight loss gimmicks…competing in every sport imaginable..  I’ve tried  dieting……special diets…paleo……keto…..vegetarian…….running for punishment when I over-ate….You name it, I did it and there’s probably a bunch of you who did too.

I created this gym so I could dig in and do personal work and create opportunity for others to do the same.  I have always searched for answers to how the body operates and how can one change their structure and shape.  To date, I’ve only found Functional Patterns to be the training methodology that addresses body connectivity and honors human function.

If you want only a feel good workout for the hour you are here and you only want that “summer beach bod” then Arcaro isn’t the best space for you.  I know several gyms that you will definitely enjoy more and fit in with their niche.  That’s not to say you can’t achieve that fit body you are imagining….it’s that you won’t get it going about it from the way our society views fit bodies.

If you want to face your dysfunctions-  physical, mental and emotional, and have a feel good training session, then Arcaro is definitely for you.  We have created and continue to create a community that works hard in and out of the gym.  We strive to problem solve and create action from within ourselves and our communities so we can affect overall society.

We want your body to change intrinsically and to last long beyond your membership in our gym.  We want your minds free of the cage that societal expectations creates.  We are obliterating complacency because we want a membership on fire…..on fire to live, to contribute and flourish.

We mostly want all of you to


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