Sparring is the best way to confront yourself…..At Arcaro, we aim to make sure you have an authentic boxing experience-  one that allows you to be challenged and to grow.  Below is a guest blog post by Linda-  One of our #badassadors
Shattered in the BEST way
OG is my sparring partner and we are in our 70’s He has been boxing
at Arcaro for 5 years and I have been here for almost two years. A few weeks ago we took a hour sparring lesson from coach Cassidy.
The picture I had of myself about how skilled I am in the ring was taken completely apart. I was extremely tense and frustrated. At one point I stopped and burst into tears because I could not do what I thought I should be able to do. I couldn’t get away from the punch and I wasn’t grounded enough to throw anything other than an weak arm punch. I was mad but I stuck with it for an hour. My self confidence took a hit and my ego was shattered in the best way. It broke open opportunities to learn.
I was exhausted and walked around for 2 days muttering to myself
“that was rough”. The physical work was hard but the emotional work
surprised me. I realized how invested I am in looking good inside and outside of the gym.  Self examination is a big part of boxing for me. When I returned to the gym,after sparring,  for a fitness class I realized I had some unreleased body memory coming up for me from childhood trauma. I have done lots of therapy for these issues but very little body work. With the support
of the coaches I am now walking through this in classes so I can have more freedom and better health going forward. I am so grateful for my Arcaro community. It really is a safe place to grow and challenge myself .
When OG and I met for coffee to debrief our sparring session, he asked me if he was too hard on me. I thanked him for not patronizing me by going easy on me. He congratulated me for staying in the ring with someone who was really trying (and succeeding ) to punch me.
He said ” Look around this room. I bet we are the only two people in here who have punched each other” It was a sweet moment.

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