Failure and Setbacks

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is really look in the mirror.  It’s super easy to put our finger outward and away……so much harder to turn it and point between our eyes.

One of the most common human habits when we feel something uncomfortable, is to Try and get out of it- to accuse- to flee.

Listening to a Ted Radio Hour episode called Setbacks got me thinking.
How many times do I run into opposition-setbacks-failure-sticking points-ruts?


How difficult is it to change patterns? Not changing patterns for avoidance, but so that you can keep your head up and look forward to keep getting where you want to go?

Changing patterns so you can get different outcomes.  Failing with awareness to reduce the amount of devastating consequences that come with it.

Every setback to me is just a little annoyance.

My goal is to be of service to people….to help humans learn more about themselves because I’ve found that to be the most freeing thing I’ve ever experienced.  Helping others pushes me to reach new heights.  It’s not about NOT getting mud on your feet and hands, it is about how can you get through the slog………even with the crappy feelings and make a step in another direction.

How do you get through a “when it rains it pours” kind of day, week, month, year?


I’m not in denial when I reframe my vision.  I feel the hard feelings, take the time for grief and sadness and then I get moving as quick as possible, or I’ll get lost.  What do you do?

I take it on the chin until finally I realize where my boundaries are…..It’s like I’m looking around for the openings and then I realize I have to create them.  I don’t think about each slip-each taken blow as a reason to not continue to look, because taking punches can give you a ton of information….

You aren’t necessarily a bad boxer.

The hits are just distractions…..tests……little frustrations that force you to ask yourself how bad do you really want something.





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