It’s a funny world we live in…

One that chooses the surface visual facade over the depths……says yielding is being a pushover and that strength must only come in bulk.  One that chooses object over substance and claims vulnerability is death.

I’m just here to work, to get something done and to learn as much as I can, only to be passed along to the next person in my path.

It’s a funny world we live in…

One that tells you how to exist so large groups have cohesion and can be controlled by vanity principles.  The beautiful are sad and the not so pretty condemned.  One that props up the second and shuns the hour.

It’s a funny world we live in….

The one outside the ring that is…..for it makes very little sense.

Step inside the ropes and learn the reality of existence….the truth…..the way punches hurt and take responsibility.  Step inside the ropes and feel the eternity of the minute.  Where your breath echoes in between the malleus, incus and stapes, reverberating doubts exponentially.

Come back outside and hear the excuses surmount……feel the confines of society telling you what success looks like.  Feeling beholden to an invisible authority with each question asked.

Where is the freedom if not inside the ring?

It is in the work.  The simple, day to day work.  No explanation, no pomp and circumstance……nothing but the fundamentals from beginning to advanced over and over again.

And if you ever doubted there was anything else, remember:

No one cares, work harder-  Molly McConnell




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