Stopping the war with time

We are a culture of bandaids…..of temporary fixes……of trying resurrection versus changing our behavior.

We always seem to want to be anywhere but where we actually are.  We manipulate time according to our own definitions.  We complain of the waste of time… assault upon our efficacy.

This type of thinking prevents creativity….it doesn’t allow for failure to be exalted…which it should be.  We can never get to our outcomes without traveling first.

The point at which you know what you are working on is the wrong thing to be working on— You cannot call the work up to that point you figured out what you’re working on is the wrong thing…..FAILURE— That’s called learning.
–Failure is an Option-  NPR Ted Radio Hour April 18
Working on something that turned out to be a failure is not a waste of time.  It is an imperative learning experience.  It’s how we get a more finely tuned proprioception….it’s how we gain knowledge, it’s how we get more efficient……….
It’s just plain necessary to work, learn, fail and repeat with new information guiding us.
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