To be a boxer- you have to be comfortable with searching for failure- you have to be excited to see your inefficiencies -you have to be motivated to look for all that is wrong because that is your work.

It is the lack that provides you the opportunity to move forward.

Criticism cannot be interpreted into the ego’s self worth.  Criticism must be used as a tool-  an outside advisor guiding your way towards the outcome you desire.

Your efficacy as a human cannot be threatened by all that is wrong with you, for all that is wrong is just insight and information…..not a stuck state, but a malleable state looking to expand, and grow.


To be a boxer, you have to employ single minded focus.

You have to be able to keep your gaze, your thoughts, and your intention on what is right before you.  No sirens, no voice, no comment or distracting judgement can penetrate the moment you are in.

To be a boxer, you have to be unconcerned with fitting in.

Your friends may not understand-  if they don’t and still support you to be all you want to be, then keep them close.  If they don’t and try to pull you off task, leave them where they are……they will know where to find you when they are ready.

To be a boxer, you have to take responsibility for every outcome you have, for you chose it.  You made every decision that got you to where you are at.  If you are unhappy with where you are at, simply look at your previous decisions…..all your clues are there.  Discover what is behind and under……




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  1. TTamura says:

    Words I live by. This is a great post, applicable to any walk of life. Be who you are and let everyone either accept or deal with it.

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