There are times in life one feels trapped.   If you could just get away or out of the situation you are in, everything would be better.  You wouldn’t have to feel this way anymore.

That’s not how it works.  There is no get away….no ultimate reprieve– for it isn’t the situation, it is the underneath….that which is in your skin permeating your every move.

The pain within needs a voice- expression without labels or judgment.  A right to exist, to tell the story of your experience.  The pain within is the past that brought you to the present and drives you into the future.  Let it breathe so you no longer choke, let it stake its claim so you can walk out from the shadow.

Take a knee to get your 8 count and regroup with furor-  The trapped is the opportunity to dive to the depths and come up to fully expanded lungs and new vision.  The trapped forces you to look for creative ways to move forward and shed the weight that boxes you in.

No way out but through.



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  1. Richard Wells says:

    You can’t get out of it if you haven’t gotten into it. I don’t know who said that.

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