Decision making

…perhaps the biggest problem lies in the way that individual decisions accumulate into big effects. –  David R. Montgomery-  King of Fish.  The Thousand Year Run of Salmon

Each thought begets a word, intelligible to the brain— taking shape in our body as we verbalize.  Single twitches of tissue, contribute to the misunderstanding of our conscience.

We have the clues everyday within ourselves….how our bodies do or don’t operate and connect.  Patterns of outcomes that come at us for years.  We have keys to answers we just don’t know to question.  The how we got here is lacking so that we can understand what we are in the here.

Restoring salmon runs will require reshaping to our landscape guided by humility- –  David R. Montgomery-  King of Fish.  The Thousand Year Run of Salmon

Understanding oneself and taking complete responsibility for ones actions will take a different stance in relation to society.  It’s uncomfortable to see how fraudulent we truly are as a species and somehow it makes us fascinating.

Boxing provides the perfect set of rules to abide by in order to learn.  To yield one’s fist upon another takes a large amount of humility and grace not displayed in the violence act of the fight.  We have to endure discomfort that very few choose to begin and even fewer remain.  We must reshape the us in contrast to the landscape in order to achieve understanding.

I cannot imagine a purer scenario with which to live my life- on and off the canvas in varying rhythms.  Going out and reaching beyond our immediate community- other times, hunkering down at home—always- always we go in the fight with pure intention to achieve each detail with precision.

Nature in and around us, adapting, recreating.  We cannot breathe it in and out….it travels through us.  It is our duty to know ourselves at the core, for that will guide us to our humanity.




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