the mechanics

The most fluid, effective movement creating that effortlessly powerful punch.

I think about it non stop-  how do I get that punch from stationary to moving?
How to I spread the tension through my body so that I can maximize every sling and leveraged point in my body?

The mechanics of it all is what keeps me here……motivated…..driven……..the formulas that create the moment of impact as it glides through your arm while your trunk hosts anchor…….your feet stretch for the floor and you seem to wind in upon yourself…..It feels secure…grounded….it is yours.

I want to share this punch…….the feeling in the body to create that punch.  I want to find it for myself all the time…….The kind of movement that gives back energy and allows you to work at higher levels without tire.  Pain-free—-not stiff—-relaxed movement.

There are no days off-  I call it a lifestyle- Bri, owner RPS Madrona

I study this punch when I use a vacuum, walk the dogs and drive my car.  Connected body=connected mind.  Anxiety reduced, moved to action in your tissues…….an alive and springy feeling propelling you though the day.  I want this for myself and others.

Our problems are technical. Meaning that they can be resolved through mechanical self reflection and application- Naudi Aguilar, founder Functional Patterns

The more we get away from our bodies, away from nature, the more difficult it is to live without many dysfunctions affecting our health.  I observe older family members narrow their lives, then their range of motion, then their lives again…..and it seems that all movement stops in one little room, but we are a part of something so much more.  I will keep studying the punch because it fits my vision… fits the mold for being a problem solver.  It is my contribution……

There is so much around the delivery and receipt of the punch.  The complicated gap between you and me.  We can simplify it in a simple physical exchange filled with curiosity and skepticism.  We will learn more in between the words than had we talked for hours.


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