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Sitting in the wallows of self pity sometimes feels good-  for a moment anyway.  It’s nice to curl up and wrap the blanket around my whole body, snug, tight, compact and protected.  It’s soothing to lie still, to feel hurt, to feel loss, to feel what seems unchangeable…………

And then,

it’s time to get up… survey oneself with some logical questions.

What am I doing to make my situation be as it is?
Who am I blaming for my predicaments?  Have I looked in the mirror enough?
What can I do differently, right this very second to implement a different outcome?
What is my vision?
What are the obstacles in obtaining my vision?

Coyote Teaching-  not done through rote or memorization but through trial and error and experience. It’s lessons are for all of the senses and seek to instill in the student an insatiable, inner need for knowledge.  – The Forgotten Wilderness

Trial and error are necessary for true learning that cannot be taken away from you.  Trial and error give you great confidence as you navigate what you are doing in this life. I have trained close to 100 competitive boxers in over 15 years.  Each one has changed me inside and out.  Each one is getting me closer to the vision of what I want…..each one helps me refine my vision.  And every single one has allowed my passion for boxing to burn with the intensity that lives within- my hunger for unending learning.

Grandfather, Great Spirit,
Grant that I may feel the rapture
In your little things
That I do when I gaze upon
Your grand vistas.
-Stalking Wolf, May 1959 (Tom Brown’s The Forgotten Wilderness)

It is the daily, mundane biomechanics training, the repetition of perfecting a movement….a thought process…..It’s the over and over getting it wrong, until it is right that interests me.  Whether the boxer will have the skill of a beginner or the skill of an elite level athlete… matters to me if the daily is not looked upon with awe and wonderment.  We have a duty to do and see the small things as if they were our most precious treasure.

I had used much of my knowledge and most of my skill and I was proud of the way they had worked. But, there was no elation in it. I had done a difficult thing well, but I could not exult. -The Tracker

I don’t have superiors to tell me how great I am, to tell me I am doing a good job……I have to know.  I have to feel it from the inside out.  This is what I am cultivating when I work with coaches and boxers.  It is the rudimentary skill building that is ours and ours alone….that needs no recognition from the outside………We have to know what work we have done and was it to the best of our current skill level.  I have to do my best and know there is more to be done.

Concentric Rings:  Nothing can move in the natural world without affecting everything else. – Tom Brown’s -The Forgotten Wilderness

Everything I do today, moves something for me tomorrow……it moves something for my gym and my community.  Everything I do is connected to nature to my fellow humans and I must proceed each day understanding my connectedness……..or I am nothing.



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