Living a skilled life

I was 17 when I took the job at the nursing home.

I was living a lost life and the nursing aid job, sports and high school studies kept my head barely above water.

My senior year I worked night shift, went to school and basically got shit done while in a complete  sleep deprived state.  I was in survival mode.

One cannot achieve happiness in life without skill.  Live a skilled life.-  Gio Cabrera Mioletti

I lived a life of very little skill.  Emotionally deficient, a low emotional IQ, a pension for victimhood and blaming.  A life full of dramatic occurrences, over and over.  I was a hot head, quick to judge and quick to act irrationally.  I was always in the right and everyone else was stupid.

Happiness comes with a connected body and mind.  It comes with holding oneself accountable via extremely high standards.  Happiness comes with obtaining skills that contribute to the improvement of our society.  It comes because we demand that we use our natural gifts and worked for gifts for the betterment of all and not just ourselves.

Living a skilled life is a never-ending process.  It is more than just punching a time clock to pay bills.  Living a skilled life will have you appreciating daily what has happened and looking forward to the next even if it’s going to be hard as hell.


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  1. Brian says:

    This is great. And TRUE!!

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