living life with no choice

It’s always in the imagination that fear makes its easiest bed.  – The Tracker


Our nervous system links our body and mind.  We are a host of signals and chemical reactions that are influenced and interpreted by our environment.  So many of us stop ourselves before we even get going–often filtering information with our imagination.

The job description of a boxing coach includes being able to handle disappointment….. to weather heartbreak. To be able to know what should happen but stand back when those under your tutelage cannot see or believe it.  Being a boxing coach includes doing the repetition over and over knowing that you may have these let downs infinitely.

Our experiences are larger than ourselves and they are more immense than our mind can comprehend in the moment.

Because I am a boxing coach and was a competitive boxer,  I have developed a keen sense of instinct….an ability to read body language down to the tiniest micro-movement.  I have learned to sit in discomfort without need to change……. Learned to hear what words mean in the context of a sentence or a mannerism……  learned to express my range of emotions without guilt and to feel a parabola of feelings.

Being a coach makes me face what I don’t want to feel and no matter how I try to avoid things, I get hemmed into a corner…..forcing me to see what I want to close my eyes to.

Fearful anticipation gives us excuses and allows us to be irresponsible.  We can escape without having to step up to all that we are. Being a boxing coach has not allowed me to live in this land, rather it has forced me to step to the precipice, take a deep breath and jump.

Never have I not ultimately landed on my feet……..


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