overhearing conversations

Several months ago, I went to get food at one of my favorite Thai places, Bai Tong.  I always like to sit at the bar, whether I have an adult beverage or not.  It’s the place where the most conversation and interaction happens.

It’s the place a bunch of individuals feel comfortable in each other’s proximity by design.

I was loosely listening to a conversation of a lady on her phone.  It sounded like she was in trouble for being repeatedly late to work.  She was talking to someone she was mandated to contact.  I have no idea how it works, who she works for, what processes she had to follow but I’ll paint the scene as best I can.

It was midday, I was 4 seats to her left, tv in comfortable viewing for me to catch up on sports.  She, mid-20’s, slightly well kept in casual Friday kind of wear taking up 3 bar stool spaces with official paperwork, computer and phone.  In between sips of beer, she talks loudly into phone, hand on head pressing face into wrinkled distortions.

“We are allotted to be 5 minutes late and I’ve been 6-11 minutes late 6 times over the past month.  I live in West Seattle and work on First Hill, so traffic can be bad.  And it wouldn’t normally be a problem but I just got this new manager and she tracks and now I am supposed to talk to you.  I mean I’ve never been more than 12 minutes late……”

The conversation went on and on and all I could think was “just get to work on time.”  I wanted to ask her if she exercised, if she had pain, if she had a hard time sleeping…..I just couldn’t understand how she couldn’t see that she had complete control over the situation.  I wanted to understand how she felt like a victim in this situation……I wanted to understand if she could hear what she was saying…..where was her accountability? She could leave extra early every day, move homes, move jobs…..I don’t know, just anything except for be late for work frequently enough that you are in trouble.

And then I thought, what kind of a job budgets in to be 5 minutes late every day?

What is going on in our culture?  No one is responsible.  What are our standards?

I want to be accountable to myself and others always…..I want to be called out by those who care about me and themselves when I mess up and I want to learn about how and why I do what I do.  Let’s keep an awareness revolution going….let’s #BoxOn and be accountable for our decision making.



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  1. Richard Wells says:

    Sounds like alcoholic behavior to me.

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