In the Below

4am the alarm jolts me up out of bed– but let’s be honest….the anxiety of oversleeping had me awake at 12:00……1:30…….2:15…….3:30……….

Luggage, snow shoes, backpack….all a part of the essentials needed for this trip as we catch a Lyft to Seatac.

I like to be early, Coach Jen prefers the last minute….somewhere in between we arrive and get to our gate as we board during the final boarding call.  It’s an uneventful flight in the dark with minimal turbulence and a perfect landing.

8:40 AM and the sun is still asleep….preferring to rise closer to 10.  It’s 12 degrees above zero and I concentrate on keeping my body from tensing against the pressure of the cold.   Cold is invigorating and powerful.  I like to test my mental aptitude against it while leaving myself an out—-like going back indoors or wearing more layers.

I’ve been practicing using the Wim Hof breathing method and finishing my showers with freezing cold.  It’s a discipline that is seeping outside of the shower and into other parts of my life.

I’m getting more comfortable with very little excitement in my life..reducing the drama… I’ve said a bunch of times…..I get up each day and metaphorically Chop Wood then Carry Water.  It’s as our indigenous people have done for years……Get up, listen to nature and prepare oneself to make it through another 24 hours.

I’m getting more comfortable with what it takes to do the menial work of owning a gym, develop oneself and other coaches.  There are no training montage reels for taking out trash and recycling or asking others to complete tasks you need help with.  There are no 30 second splashes of video reel going over how to deliver a jab for the 1000th time. There is just the steady commitment to self and community.

This is all we are doing up here in #thebelow  We are doing the same thing you are doing back home……diligently working on our skills, working on other folks skills and seeing where we have succeeded and failed.

Please join us in doing cold showers..(still ending with 1 minute freezing cold)…..posting your pictures when you are in nature and when you are at the gym. Tag @arcaroboxinggym  We are all doing this work together.



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