I learned how failure is essential for growth and confidence from my dog Frida.

img_3135We were hiking in a heavily bouldered area.  Already a tough task for a human—-an even tougher task for a long bodied, short legged canine.

We approached obstacles that I would navigate up and she would cry feeling left behind, trying different methods up- around-  until she figured out how to get to me.  In some cases, we teeter tottered it…..she would pop her front paws up on the boulder look over her shoulder at me- wag her tail and I would hoist her back end up.  Each obstacle a chance for tons of failed attempts, problem solving then success.  Her whining dissipated and determination took over with each situation we encountered.  The fun and excitement was visible in her face and through her body.

Failure is essential for growth and learning.

Failure isn’t an end point… is a point to pass through.  You must tinker around and experiment to see what each input gives you in result.

Failure isn’t a personality.  It isn’t who you are….it isn’t an adjective…it is active, a verb, an action with consequences.  Failure is opportunity….hope……inquisitive……curiosity….

Failure is interest in yourself and how the world works.

Failure is scientific— informational.

Failure makes you #BoxOn!

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  1. Richard Wells says:

    And success is not the end-game, either.

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