Meeting your edges


Before enlightenment-
Chop Wood- Carry Water

After enlightenment-
Chop Wood-Carry Water


There is no destination.  We don’t really get anywhere nor do we really fix anything.  We literally show up each day and experiment. Our experiments have all the clues to answers we seek.  If we get more interested in the in depth process of learning, we get deeper, go further, discover more, open up for unfathomable realizations and consequently actions.

I have known coach Jeremy for 13 years.  We began as coach and client when I was at Cappy’s.  After 10 years there, I left not sure of my plan…..only sure of my desire to be a boxing coach.

After a failed attempt at running a class in the wide open Flo Ware Park in torrential rain at 6am I started searching for a place to call a temporary home.



I found the covered basketball court at Pratt Park and began to set the bag up.  I hadn’t spoken to Jeremy in about 10 months and felt an urge to reach out….to see if he was training or wanted to train.  It was uncanny timing.  We both needed each other.

I was training Jen and a few other boxers and it was hard on my soul.  Having more people to train like Jeremy and a few #6amcrew die-hards gave me more hope……It put people around Jen and myself and made me believe that I could accomplish something if I just showed up for others everyday.


Jeremy quit his job and went for a whole new direction….the park and boxing gave him stability and a place to root himself.  When we started the gym at the Jefferson building, he started teaching a class in exchange for free training and membership.  His desire to learn, to grow and to find direction was an important part of the beginnings of this gym.

After about a year and Jeremy teaching a second class, it made sense for him to become a  coach contractor and to prepare for his first amateur fight.

All of my exponential growth is in this gym… the relationships with coaches and with clients.  Preparing Jeremy for his first fight seemed like everything coming full circle and it was rewarding.

Jeremy has been like a brother to me in many ways…..I am grateful for all the conflicts, the conversations and the insights brought forth because of being in each others lives.

His last day as a coach with Arcaro will be Friday January 11th.

Again, he has embarked on a whole new journey.  The past several years, he has put himself through school, co-parented his son and coached.  I’ve watched him obtain goals he didn’t imagine possible.  Soon, he will be a teacher and I can think of no better person to enter our education system.  He is and will be an asset because of his ability to take on discomfort, hold himself accountable in and out of the ring.

Please show Jeremy your gratitude over the next couple of weeks and as always.






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  1. Ryan Johnson says:

    That’s the saddest and happiest news I’ve heard in a while. Jeremy – you made a big difference in my life and I can’t thank you enough dude. You’ll be an amazing teacher. Thanks for all your support and thanks for pushing me so hard over the years. I will miss seeing you in the gym. I hope to see you in Seattle soon.

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