when you know

I had the sense of relief that comes from knowing that you have done the hardest of all the things you have to do, and the independence that come from having done something very difficult and important to yourself, even though no one thinks it’s the least bit significant.   – The Tracker

I always say that no one can take your training away from you, because you did it.  Long after your competitive days are done, you still carry with you all that you faced, your failures, your successes, your work.  You are the one that got up when you wanted to stay in bed.  You are the one that suffered through countless hours of discomfort.

There is no end goal….no destination.  There is just experience after experience.  There is you at every turn and bend- to be faced….

Each altercation -interpersonal and outer gets you a little closer to your core if you do the work.  And if you do, no one can take away what you have learned, what you have settled within, what you have understood, forgiven, accepted and refused to settle for.





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