You have to go to know

You have to go to know  -The Tracker (The true story of Tom Brown Jr)

I can paint a picture of what it is like up on that canvas above the crowd, lights targeting me and my opponent….but you won’t really know unless you go.  It will just be an idea, an imagination of yours based upon experiences that you are searching for the relativity.

I can describe in wordy detail the feeling in my guts, my mind, my heart as I lean down to achieve the weight I need to be when I step on the scale the night before but again, you won’t really know unless you go.

We all have something that is uniquely our experience and we all have something that only a select group of people can know.  This is where we are the same.

Up in the Copper River Valley, surrounded by trees that decided to stop reaching for the sky in what seems like a 1/4 of the way is Mt. Drum overlooking a harsh reality of snow, ice and desolation.  It is magnificent.    A place that demands subsistence living exist in some fashion and a dichotomy of cultural heritage vs. youthful technology.  My breath billows out visibly in “The Below” A series of temperatures south of zero.

The truth, when it comes in words, is always a matter of interpretation…..Some experiences simply do not translate.  You have to go to know.  -The Tracker

5 years ago, Coach Jen and I had a long term vision to extend Arcaro beyond the walls of the Central Area but we didn’t know how it would be.  Because of an unquenched thirst for learning, I was connected to Naudi Aguilar and Functional Patterns.  Through a series of serendipitous events I connected with the Athabascan people, Yvonne Ito and Copper River Native Association.  Just last week, those worlds merged.  I’ve been practicing FP, but I had no idea the impact it would have in boxing, my coaching, my life and now the lives of those in the middle of nowhere.  I had to go to know.

I’ve seen single handedly the way this training changes bodies…..most dramatically, Greg Cruz, our pro boxer.  He’s gone from a forward hipped, rounded shouldered guy to a full fledged confident and devastating boxer.  I’ve felt my inner anxiety, dissipate and disappear as I unravel fascial adhesions and create new connections.  I’ve initiated the ability for people’s back pain to disappear.

I witnessed a side-eyed, untrusting tribal people, welcome us fully as we shared with them our experience in self-myofascial release and glimpses of FP corrective techniques. I watched people hanging on to pain for years, let go and get curious and excited about what they could accomplish.

We do this work daily at the gym…..we box for expression, we fix what ails us through FP and punching.  We are a wide reaching community that will always #BoxOn!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this.

  2. Sarah Watstein says:

    The vision for Arcaro is being realized and extended! And, we are all a part of that! My experience as a still somewhat new boxer, is that training changes bodies, and boxing changes minds. That is a “wow” in my experience! What a great community!

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