Every man is a moon and has a side which he turns toward nobody-  Mark Twain

I ran across this quote on a #coachesdowntime walk.

Walking through our lives we bump into and against many people.  Most of our interactions are influenced by our fear of the unknown.  We wish to read people, to predict our interactions, to control how others perceive us and us them.  We anticipate and judge folks based on what we wonder about what they are hiding.

I’m in the dressing room, and it feels like a janitor’s closet.  The walls contain me and my team as I hit the mitts.  My punches jolt out and back as if I’m a first timer entering the gym with my nervous system in full swing betraying my logical mind.  I know she isn’t 20# heavier than me, but her lats look like batman’s cape in full extension and I’m sure I will die if she gets one clean blow.  My heart is sprinting as I pretend I’m calm. I lie to my corner……..I tell them I am ok. I know nothing of her, this nothingness drives me mad with ideas.  Baseless ideas.  Every blood vessel in my body constricts driving my blood pressure up resulting in a narrow and skewed vision.  My breath feels as if it isn’t in me, I hear it from the outside, not fully inflating my lungs.  I cannot reveal my insides for fear that they will be the real me that shows up to fight.

We tell people what we think they are doing to us but we don’t really reveal what we feel or what is our struggle.  But if we did, the power we could possess is greater than we can imagine.  Truth is power….even the ugliest, seemingly weak truths.  I’m learning to expose my insides to myself and others in a way that seems to give me footing, better balance.  It enables me to see what others are doing from the corner.  My goal is to live my life in the zone….as if I see everything blazing around me in slow motion.

The only way to this goal is through connectedness……physically, mentally emotionally.

And through exposing your hidden moon to the light.


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